Everything You Need To Know About Avaya In-house Phone Systems

Everything You Need To Know About Avaya In house Phone Systems

While the internet has changed the way we do business in many ways, in-house business telephone systems are still a necessity. 65% of individuals prefer to call a business directly on the phone versus other options.

But it’s time your business upgraded to a modern telephony system. Avaya in-house phone systems blend the functionality of a business phone with innovative features.

Wondering how Avaya in-house phone systems can help your business needs? Keep reading this post below to learn more information about the Avaya in-house phone systems.

What Are Avaya In-House Phone Systems?

Business telephone systems have greatly evolved in recent years. They’re no longer the clunky and limited systems they once were. Modernized phones now allow for a seamless phone call connection over the internet.

VoIP business telephone systems offer crystal-clear call quality through a high-speed internet connection. They don’t rely on the use of a traditional phone service hook-up. There are no clunky cords or complicated installations required to use the service either.

A VoIP business telephone system enhances networking and communication capabilities for businesses. But there are even more great features of Avaya in-house phone systems to explore.

Top Benefits of Avaya In-House Phone Systems

Proper communication in business is key. Whether it’s between your customers and employees or for inter-office messaging, you need a business phone solution that can do it all. Avaya in-house phone systems offer a wide array of benefits for businesses.

Affordable Call Service

With traditional business phone systems, you’re limited to the number of lines you can have. Each time you want to add additional lines, it requires more hardware and installation expenses. You also get charged a premium for these lines on your phone bill.

Avaya in-house phone systems can help you save money on your business phone costs. Since it uses a VoIP connection to make and receive calls, your calls are routed through the internet connection you already have.

You can even choose a pay-per-call pricing option to only pay for the calls you make or receive or a set number of minutes each month. This can save you money over using expensive dedicated phone service plans.

Service Flexibility

Traditional landline systems require you to be tethered to one central phone line unit. In the event of another business shutdown due to bad weather or widespread illness, you may be unable to get to the building. This severely limits your ability to access your phone to receive calls and messages.

Through Avaya’s VoIP capabilities, you can make and receive calls remotely. You can access the system on your smartphone, desktop, laptop computer, or tablet.

This is especially helpful for mobile businesses where workers don’t stay in an office all day. 70% of businesses value mobility for business telephone systems as a priority. With VoIP, you still can stay connected on the go or while working from home.

Unified Communication Features

Avaya in-house phone systems also offer a seamless blend of features. They can help you streamline business calling and messaging functions. Utilize voice, messaging, and video communication features from an all-in-one telephony system hub.

You can multitask by talking to a customer on the phone while receiving voicemail messages. These voicemails can then be converted to text from audio automatically. The Avaya system sends this text to you via email to easily read later.

Use integrated chat features including real-time messaging. File sharing makes it simple to send and transfer files between employees to improve team workflows. Voice and video calling features allow for a heightened experience for customers and employees alike.

Conference Calling Capabilities

Since the Avaya in-house phone systems give you unlimited lines, you’re no longer at the mercy of a landline’s limits. VoIP business telephone systems are ideal for conference calls on an easy-to-use platform.

The user-friendly interface lets you manage and create conference calls from the data network. You can rest assured that you will always have enough lines for everyone involved in the call without worrying about line limits.

The Avaya system offers cloud-based video conferencing for simpler online meetings. Add in the cross-platform group chat feature for a smooth and foolproof process that makes conference calling a breeze.

Improved Customer Care

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without their ongoing loyalty, your business will cease to be. Maintaining a good customer relationship starts with improving customer communication.

86% of customers expect a seamless transition of calls between channels of communication. When they call your business, they want quick and efficient service. But the wrong business phone system can cause problems.

Traditional business phone systems risk dropping customer calls. They may also run into the issue of having poor call quality that cuts in and out.

A standard messaging service may not be efficient at responding to customer calls. Messages could get cut off, garbled, or deleted altogether.

All of these aspects can reflect poorly on your business. If a customer feels like they can’t properly communicate with your business, they will hang up. A customer may even decide to not do business with your company at all because of a bad phone experience.

Avaya in-house phone systems can help you be there for your customers. A single phone call can easily be transferred to multiple lines or devices for answering. Even if your employees can’t get to the phone right away, voicemail and messaging services ensure that calls get returned promptly.

Customers will see you as a business that cares. Offering quality business telephone systems will bridge the gap between you and your customers.

See What Avaya In-House Phone Systems Can Do for Your Business

Avaya in-house phone systems lighten the load of your business communication needs. There’s no need to struggle with costly and inefficient business telephone services. Avaya is a smarter solution to enhance the way you communicate.

Conferencing, messaging, and phone calls are a cinch with integrated features. Strengthen your business communications and see the difference it can make. As a result, your business will grow and thrive.

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