Data Center Design & Installation – What to Keep in Mind

To gain a competitive edge, organizations and businesses are using data centers to stay ahead and meet the demands of the digital age. As the digital era progresses, the need for data centers increases. But today’s data centers are much different from data centers of old. Today’s data centers are built with flexibility, reliability, and […]

Which Telephone is Right for Your Business?

As the premier provider of telephony systems and support in Northeast Florida for over 20 years, customers often ask us which telephone is the right choice for their unique business. The answer is always – it depends.  Because we specialize in Avaya IP Office telephones, we will learn about their business needs then recommend a […]

Why Choose Fiber Optic Cables for Your Cabling Systems?

If you’re building a network that requires long distances, high speeds, or heavy bandwidth connections, fiber optic cables are your best choice. The choice typically comes down to choosing between fiber optic cables or copper cables. Both cables transmit data but in very different ways. Copper carries electrical pulses along metal strands, while fiber optics […]

Introduction to Intelligent Call Routing

More and more AI (artificial intelligence) is being integrated into the customer service experience. In many ways, it’s still in the early phase, but all indications are that it’s here to stay and will continue to improve or get smarter with time.  Intelligent call routing systems are gaining more and more traction in call centers, […]

Distributed Antenna Systems – What they are and Why Companies Need Them.

Distributed Antenna Systems – What they are and Why Companies Need Them. During the September 11th attacks, EMS personnel discovered that communication systems and protocols that distinguished each department were hampered. A lack of interoperability, overwhelm from simultaneous communication, and damaged network infrastructure from the attack were making effective and efficient EMS communications extremely difficult. […]

Which Avaya IP Office Edition Makes Sense for Your Business?

Which Avaya IP Office Edition Makes Sense for Your Business? The beauty of Avaya’s IP Office is its flexibility. IP Office lets you choose the best options that make sense for your organization and staff needs. Each IP Office Edition adds to the features of the previous, making upgrades easy when you’re ready. You can […]

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Data Center Technology

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Data Center Technology Data centers are continually morphing to keep up as enterprises grow, more users join networks, and more technology is used to automate processes. Data center’s bandwidth capabilities, adequate security measures, and speed all have to be up to date and flexible to support ever-changing business needs. The […]

How to Choose the Right VoIP Provider

How to Choose the Right VoIP Provider Choosing the right VoIP service for your business or organization can feel like a big challenge. Every company out there claims to have the best service, so how can you figure out which one is best for you? It starts with some basic knowledge about VoIPs, so we’ve […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Low Voltage Cabling Contractor

Has your company or organization decided to improve productivity, efficiency, safety, and make building management faster with low voltage cabling? If you have, you’re going to love the benefits. If you’re in the beginning stages of the transition, you might have never worked with a low voltage cabling contractor before. Perhaps you’re wondering how you […]

Does Your Business or Organization Need Structured Cabling?

To know whether or not you need structured cabling, you need to know what it is, and why you should care. Let’s start with a definition. Structured cabling is building, data center,  or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure. A properly engineered and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that performs to meet your current […]

Is Avaya IP Office Right for My Staff?

As an Avaya IP Office business partner, we get a lot of questions about this amazing telephony system. One of the most common questions is, “Will it work for my type of employees?” In most cases, the answer is yes. In today’s business world, the variety of types of communications users is wide. Some work […]

Why Data Centers Need Structured Cabling

We live in a digital data world. The data keeps growing in size, and the speeds keep increasing. Because of this new reality, data center space and efficiency have become spotlight factors for businesses. All hardware and cabling designs need to be modular, scalable, make optimal use of space, and take cooling and energy consumption […]

What’s the Best Telephony System for Your Business?

Whether you have 5, 25, or 500 employees choosing the right telephony system will keep your business flexible and competitive without breaking your budget. Having your office phone, cell phone, e-mail, texting, and everything else optimized and in sync is critical in today’s business world. When you unify and optimize your telephony system, you can […]