Voice and Data Cable Installations

CSI is a State Certified Low Voltage cabling contractor that specializes in both voice and data cable installations. With the ever growing need to process and send voice and data traffic faster and over the same networks, we use Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6A depending on your requirement. We will work with you to successfully design and install a complete, easy-to-manage cable infrastructure. To accomplish this, all cabling must be run in a neat and orderly manner. This will ensure easy-to-maintain cabling for future diagnostics, strictly following TIA/568 standards.  We work with a variety of cabling manufacturers to provide you the best solutions at a competitive price.

CSI offers the following types of voice and data cable installations:

  • Category 5e and Category 6 Voice Cabling
  • Category 6 & Category 6A Data Cabling
  • Indoor/Outdoor Backbone, Feeder Cables
  • Aerial and Burial Cable Outside Plant
  • Outside Plant (Campus Backbone)
  • Coax Cabling (CATV)
  • Speaker Cabling
  • Video, CCTV (Security Cameras)
  • Horizontal Directional Boring (HDD)

Contact us today for your voice and data cable installation needs.