New Communication Technologies to Look Out for in the New Year

New Communication Technologies to Look Out for in the New Year

Business communications technology provides new and innovative solutions to common communication issues organizations face. As technology advances, emerging communication technologies will continue shaping the business realm, allowing organizations to achieve new capabilities.

As we approach the new year, preparing for business communications advancements is essential to maximize the benefits of these technologies. So, what can you expect from communication technology in the upcoming year? Read more to find out!

Advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the main developments in business communications technology in the new year is continued advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT describes the network of devices communicating data between devices and the Internet, enabling seamless connectivity across businesses.

Emerging IoT solutions, such as wearable technology, will help transform businesses and enhance communication across organizations and departments. Devices like smart watches provide ample convenience to efficiently communicate information without as many barriers.

Reliance on VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is another emerging solution shaping communication technologies in the new year. This solution enables users to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection rather than relying on analog phone lines, converting the user’s voice into a digital signal traversing the Internet. This signal is converted to a regular telephone signal before reaching its destination.

VoIP solutions allow businesses to make calls from various devices, including computers, traditional phones with a VoIP adapter, and custom VoIP phones. Hosted VoIP solutions will continue the transformation of VoIP technology in upcoming years.

Developments in 6G Technology

Efficient and seamless communication technology is critical to adapt to modern business needs. Another advancement in business communications is increased reliance on 6G technology – a step up from 5G, enabling reliable communication.

6G technology will focus on reliability, lower latency, and increased speed, making slight adjustments from 5G technology to ensure a fast and trustworthy communication system. The sixth generation of mobile network technology will enable businesses to communicate effortlessly and quickly across departments, ensuring faster solutions based on efficient communication.

Emergence of Cloud-Based Office Automation Systems

As communication technologies continue to shape the business world, cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly important to an organization’s operations. One emerging cloud-based solution is the presence of cloud-based office automation systems – innovation VoIP solutions, including desktop applications, end-to-end support, and tools to enable the following:

  • Video conferencing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Chat
  • VoIP call technology
  • CRM integration
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Reliance on Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, like chatbots, to make communication seamless. These chatbots implement natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to simulate conversations between customers and businesses, improving the quality and efficiency of customer service interactions.

AI and chatbots are critical beyond their ability to simulate conversations – they also allow businesses to collect relevant feedback on customer service interactions, ensuring customer satisfaction and helping businesses meet customer expectations throughout the customer journey.

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