Professional Audio Visual Solutions for Your Business Needs

Professional Audio Visual Solutions for Your Business Needs

Whether you’re delivering remote training, collaborating with team members in a different office, or meeting with clients online, clear communication is a must. Make a good first impression with the range of audio visual solutions from Communication Solutions Inc.

Bring Your Video Conferences to Life

Running a video conference doesn’t have to be a technical challenge. Our ClickShare Conference solution connects wirelessly to your meeting room equipment, letting you share presentations or use collaboration tools quickly and easily with no confusing configuration work required.

Easy, Reliable Audio and Video Solutions

Get started with video chats from your favorite device with Star2Star, our browser-based solution for video communication. Starting or joining a meeting is just a matter of visiting a link in your browser. No downloads required and no need to worry about firewall rules, drivers or other complications.

Reduce your technical support burden and host meetings with people outside of your corporate firewall with Star2Star. Enjoy low-bandwidth voice calling and quality video calls that anyone can use.

We also offer a variety of other solutions, including Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams, supporting large group conferences with 1080p video quality, and the option to share screens or record calls for future review. Microsoft Teams works with desktops, mobiles, and tablet devices, making calling accessible to all your clients, and team members.

Create Comfortable Work Spaces With Sound Masking

An office that’s too quiet, or too loud, is not a pleasant place to work. Our sound-masking solutions use white noise to mask distracting sounds, making it easier to concentrate. White noise can also help prevent private conversations from being accidentally overheard, helping protect client privacy.

White noise works by combining sounds from different frequencies to create a non-distracting noise that can help improve sustained attention and creativity by boosting certain kinds of neural activity in the brain. Our sound masking systems help increase privacy and comfort and are available in a range of configurations to suit offices of different sizes.

Eye-catching Signage for Any Venue

Create a good first impression with digital displays in your public spaces. Digital displays are ideal for advertising and sharing information. They can be updated in real-time, for example, to show timetables or pricing information.

In addition to simple signage, we also offer interactive displays and wayfinding signage, ideal for large venues or shopping malls.

Elevate Your Communication With CSI Today

Our modern solutions for sound masking, signage, and conferencing help your brand put forward a good first impression both online and off. Whether you run an office, shopping mall, hospitality venue or educational establishment, we can help you with all your audio-visual communication needs.

To learn more about our audio visual solutions and how we can help you improve your working environments, contact Communication Solutions Inc today.



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