Business Access Control Software and Video Surveillance Integration

Business Access Control Software and Video Surveillance Integration

Did you know that half of all commercial burglaries take place through an unlocked door? An access control system can help you prevent this problem, but how can you catch the culprit who attempted a crime? When you integrate access control software with video surveillance, you do more than stop a criminal from entering your building. You will receive valuable data on when the incident happened and whether or not access was denied. There are many benefits of combining these security systems. Keep reading to learn them.

Access Control Software and Video Surveillance Integration

The most effective security plans involve more than one security protocol. Businesses that integrate access control software and video surveillance benefit more than those using only one or the other.

Integrating the two combines different software and hardware products into a centric platform.

You’ll typically see overlayed access control data on a live camera feed. This is the information most often displayed:

  • Date and time stamps
  • Badge number or credential number
  • Badge holder’s name
  • The door or area accessed

This commercial security system also lets you see whether someone was granted access or denied.

Benefits of Integrated Systems

An access control system with video surveillance offers various benefits and insights. These are some of the top reasons to opt for this type of security protocol:

Increased Efficiency

Integrating these systems streamlines physical business security efficiencies more than a lock and key system.

When the software and hardware work together, they provide a better experience so that personnel only have to use one interface. This program simplifies training, daily workflows, and system updates.

If the systems aren’t integrated, someone has to manually audit security logs. This makes security breaches and other information harder to seek.

Improved Safety

Your security system should be all about safety. A system that works together provides more robust security measures to mitigate risks.

Access control events with visual context allow personnel to investigate the situation. The two working in tandem can help you spot:

You’ll be able to identify and address common security issues as they occur.

Real-Time Monitoring

The best platform for integrated access control and surveillance systems will provide real-time monitoring. It may also offer remote monitoring so you can check your building security from anywhere.

If you have multiple business sites, one person could monitor all locations from a central system. Your team will be able to view live footage anywhere you have an internet connection.

By viewing access control and video at the time time, you can search the system in real-time. In the long run, you’ll be able to minimize more threats to your business.

Protect Your Business With Integrated Security

Access control software and video surveillance are two of the most useful security programs. By combining the two, you reap the benefits of both in one centralized location.

Businesses that embrace security integration can protect their building and employees. CSI Jax can help revolutionize your security. Since 2002, we’ve been connecting businesses to technology.

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