What is 400G Internet?

What is 400G Internet

Network providers and carriers are constantly facing bandwidth challenges, especially since the beginning of the global pandemic. When everyone went into lockdown, global bandwidth consumption skyrocketed due to the huge increase in network traffic.

People didn’t have to physically go to work, socialize, or even think about non-essential movements. So, most people turned to their digital devices for work, entertainment, news, groceries, comfort, socializing, etc.

This increase in bandwidth consumption since 2020 is expected to grow further in the coming years. There is a huge uptick in higher-quality video streaming, online gaming, IoT devices, and technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing.

All of these things require more bandwidth, and this is where 400G Ethernet comes in.

What Is 400G Ethernet?

400G Ethernet, also known as 400Gbe, Terabit Ethernet, and 400 Gigabit Ethernet, is the next generation of cloud infrastructure. It is as fast as a network can currently get and beats the previous standard of 100G or 100 Gigabit Ethernet by offering four times the speed.

You may be wondering why it is called Terabit Ethernet or TbE. True Terabit Ethernet can transmit data at an astonishing rate of one trillion bits per second, or 1Tbps. This technology is not yet available, so, in the meantime, we use the term to describe standards above 100G or 400G Ethernet as that is the closest we can get to 1Tbps right now.

Many large enterprises and network carriers have already deployed 400G Ethernet to support the growing data consumption and bandwidth needs of the world. Without it, it would be impossible to meet the growing data demands of the world.

However, getting here was a gradual progression, and there have been many other Ethernet standards in the past.

Previous Ethernet Standards

Ethernet standards have rapidly developed in the past two decades, giving us more speed and bandwidth to meet our network needs. Here is a list of previous Ethernet standards and milestones that have led to the development of 400G Ethernet today.

  • The first 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1G) was introduced in 1997 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and standardized in 1999.
  • 10G or 10 Gigabit Ethernet was introduced around 2004, giving the standard a 10x jump in less than a decade.
  • A similar milestone was reached around 2010 when the 100G Ethernet standard was introduced.
  • 200G/400G Ethernet was introduced in December 2017 and is the current Ethernet standard (802.3bs).

The pace of development in technologies is often faster than our ability to embrace it fully, which is why just as 400G Ethernet equipment started rolling out, there are talks of introducing 800G Ethernet very soon as well. At this rate, it shouldn’t be long before we achieve Terabit Ethernet as the new Ethernet standard.

Why 400G Ethernet?

As mentioned previously, there is unprecedented growth in the demand for bandwidth globally. More people are using more devices and consuming more data than ever before. This user base is only expected to increase in the future as things like processing power, cloud solutions, video quality, and the number of IoT devices increase.

There were around 4.9 billion internet users in 2021, which is nearly two-thirds of the global population. This number is expected to grow to 5.3 billion users by 2023.

Similarly, the number of connected IoT devices worldwide is expected to triple from 8.7 billion in 2020 to over 25 billion in 2030. Such immense growth means more demands, and networks need to be able to support these demands through bigger, better, and faster Ethernet standards like 400G.

The Benefits of 400G

400G Ethernet has plenty of benefits for industries, businesses, and people around the world.

●      Enterprise Traffic Growth

400G is the ideal solution for the high-volume traffic demands of enterprises like data centers, telecommunications service providers, and business networks, where there is rapid growth in network traffic and data consumption.

●      Supports Modern Telecommunication Technologies

The great thing about 400G is that it is more than capable of supporting modern telecommunication technologies like 5G cellular, which is also rapidly growing around the world. 400G can deliver the efficiency, power, and density required by the high data rates of 5G cellular.

●      Supports High-Quality AR/ VR/ Video Streaming

Smooth and seamless 1080p high-definition video streaming is no longer a luxury but rather a standard expected by most internet users globally. 400G takes this to a whole new level and delivers the power needed to support seamless 4K streaming and even high-quality AR and VR.

●      Less Expensive

Using four 100G ports on a router to support similar performance and speeds would cost more than a single 400G port. While this does not necessarily make 400G Ethernet inexpensive, it is less expensive than the currently available alternative.

●      More Efficient

Similarly, a single 400G port is more efficient than four 100G ports, as it consumes less energy than the latter. Moreover, the larger pipes of 400G transmit data at a lower power percentage, while being much easier to manage.

●      Reliable Bandwidth

The high-density and efficient 400G Ethernet solutions offer reliable throughput, delivering high speeds and greater bandwidth you can depend on.


By now, you should have a good understanding of what 400G Ethernet is, why it is important, and its benefits. While 400G is still fairly new, it is rapidly changing how much network traffic and bandwidth we can support.

Globally, things like rapidly-growing ecommerce, cloud services, social networking, high-quality video streaming, gaming, and SaaS are all fueling 400G adoption, cost-effectiveness, and availability. Of course, over time 400G Ethernet may also not be enough, but it is currently the ideal solution and capable of further meaningful upgrades.

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