10 Essential Call Center Phone Systems Features Your Company Needs

10 Essential Call Center Phone Systems Features Your Company Needs

When customers choose your business, 71% expect personalization. Your call center can play a significant role in providing this. Using call center phone systems features can help improve your communication quality. But how can you determine which features are critical to enhancing customer service? This article reviews 10 essential call center phone systems features that achieve this. Read on to learn what they are.

1. Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD gets calls to the intended agents. ACD’s skills-based routing feature accesses qualified agents. These are representatives best suited to assist with a particular problem.

ACD also facilitates personalized routing based on your company’s needs.

2. Interactive Voice Response

IVR provides a 24/7 digital attendant through secure artificial intelligence. With this feature, callers can access account information and complete standard payment transactions.

3. Call Queueing

Call queuing works well with IVR when agents are busy. It places incoming calls on hold.

Team members can then handle each customer in order and based on their needs. It reduces negative call-in experiences and the potential to lose good customers.

4. Call Analytics

Improving processes is a major way of enhancing customer experience. Your phone systems are no exception.

Call analytics help to measure your performance. It can also identify ways to improve the efficiency of your call center.

5. Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is a great training tool to ensure your agents execute what they learn. It facilitates discreet coaching sessions without the caller knowing. However, trainers can intervene on the call if needed.

6. Call Recording

You can also use call recording as a training tool. It facilitates call reviews which can identify areas of improvement.

Most call centers have this feature. They usually inform customers of the recording and monitoring of calls for quality assurance.

It allows you to access recordings at a later date if there is a dispute or legal issue.

7. Internal Chat

Contacting your company can be a last resort for many customers. Most will only do so if online assistance hasn’t provided the solution they need.

Chat tools assist agents in communicating with team members. This allows them to get answers to more technical questions. Agents won’t have to place customers on hold while contacting an expert or accessing the relevant information.

8. Call Presence

Call presence facilitates more efficient internal transfers and connections. It allows agents to ascertain a team member’s availability before transferring the call. This helps to lessen the time customers are on hold while waiting to speak to a representative.

9. Caller Priority

Most companies reward high-value customers with special offers and exclusive previews. Prioritizing their calls is another way to do this. Caller priority places these clients at the top of the caller queue using priority alerts.

10. Business Software Integration

Using the right call center software eliminates duplication of customer information. It facilitates the transfer of call center data directly to your customer relationship management platform.

Call Center Phone Systems Features to Enhance Your Business

The right customer experience can increase your company’s revenue. Your call center is often the first point of contact and can greatly contribute to this. Having the call center phone systems features discussed above will put you in a strong position to provide effective customer service.

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