Common Myths About IP Communication

Common Myths About IP Communication

Effective communication is crucial for any business in any industry. Modern-day business communications rely heavily on IP-based technology, as it is the latest and greatest in telecommunication.

Globally, businesses are using modern IP communication solutions more. These solutions include IP telephony (VoIP), web conferencing, customer contact, voice mail, and virtual reception. It is a new form of business communication that offers plenty of benefits.

It is less expensive, more effective, convenient, efficient, and feature-rich. It’s no wonder many businesses have moved to IP-based communication solutions. Still, many are on the edge of migrating to IP solutions because they have a few misconceptions about its various aspects.

They think that VoIP telecommunication is too expensive, complex, low-quality, or risky for their business networks. However, this is far from the truth, and today, we will discuss some common myths about IP communication to help debunk them and eliminate any misconceptions you may have.

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That being said, let’s dive into some common myths about IP communication.

Common Myths About IP Communication

Before making an informed decision about deploying or migrating to IP communications for your business, you need to clear up the following misconceptions or myths.

●      IP-Based Communication Solutions Are Too Complex To Deploy/ Implement

Many businesses are afraid that IP-based communication solutions are difficult to deploy or implement. They fear that it may require technical knowledge, professional technicians, or an entire team of technicians.

The perceived complexity of IP-based solutions is a myth. IP communication solutions are not that difficult to deploy for any business, especially if you have structured cabling. Professionals can help you deploy a unified communications (UC) dashboard or platform. It integrates all your voice, audio, video, instant messaging, conferencing, and other telecommunications in one place.

It includes some very useful functions and makes it easy for you to manage all your business communications and devices through a single channel or network. Hosted solutions like hosted IP services are also convenient for IP systems deployment and implementation for businesses.

They implement a smooth and successful IP communication network, offering more security and control. Often, all you need to do is use adapters to convert your existing analog phones to IP phones or invest in a dedicated VoIP phone.

Myth Busted: IP-based communication solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and can be simplified with unified communications for further convenience.

●      IP Communication Solutions Are Not Secure

Whether your company is an industry giant, a small-to-medium business (SMB), or a startup, data security is a huge concern for any modern business. Since IP communication solutions use the internet to transmit data for communications, many businesses think they are not secure.

They feel their sensitive business data and communication data may be prone to leaks, hacks, or interceptions due to a lack of network security. On the contrary, VoIP and other IP communication solutions are far more secure than any landline or traditional communication system.

This level of security is possible because of the advanced encryption technology used for IP communications. Moreover, the IP communication networks are based on highly secure and regularly monitored servers. Unlike landline communication, VoIP calls rely on internal systems, not external ones more prone to breaches.

Lastly, most IP communication providers offer advanced security features like two-factor authentication, detailed usage logs, call encryption, secure monitoring, etc.

Myth Busted: IP communication solutions are far more secure than conventional landlines and legacy communication systems.

●      IP Communication Is Costly

Every business needs to lower expenses and maintain a strict budget, especially during the ongoing pandemic. They think that deploying a new communication system is a costly expense and will lead to a higher operating cost.

This is perhaps the worst myth about IP communication because these solutions effectively save you a huge amount of money. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is much lower if your business has IP communications solution running on a converged IP network for data, voice, and video.

VoIP, in particular, can significantly reduce your phone bills through free calling, lower rates for international calls, lower operational costs, and lower service costs per month.

Unified communications also integrate multiple communication channels like voice, video, instant messaging, and more under one roof, lowering management costs and improving the effectiveness of overall business communications.

Myth Busted: IP communication costs less than legacy systems, offers lower calling rates, less operational costs, service costs, and can conveniently integrate business communications, allowing for more effective and productive business communications.

●      IP Communication Lacks Call Quality

Many businesses think that landline call quality is superior to VoIP call quality or that VoIP call quality is inferior. This is a huge misconception because IP communications use internet bandwidth, whereas traditional lines use a broadband connection, which can be unreliable at times.

Most businesses have access to ample bandwidth and reliable internet connectivity. With these facilities, businesses can get VoIP call quality that’s far superior to conventional landlines and clear for communications. There is less interference, and VoIP is also capable of automatically adapting to fluctuating bandwidth.

Moreover, the digital communication allows for high-definition audio, plenty of features and codecs to improve call quality, making call quality far better than landlines.

Myth Busted: VoIP call quality is far better than landline call quality due to ample bandwidth, reliable connectivity, and digital enhancement features.

●      IP Communication Solutions Are Not for SMBs

Perhaps the biggest myth about IP communication solutions is that it is only for large enterprises or businesses, not for small businesses or SMBs. They think that these solutions are designed for larger operations with bigger budgets.

On the contrary, IP communication solutions offer flexible options that are affordable for SMB budgets and designed to improve their efficiency and productivity. SMBs can deploy IP solutions for easy access, friendly controls, and convenient communication system management.

Such solutions are suited to smaller budgets and workforces while being designed to help SMBs improve call handling, messages management, and remote work and communications. Thus, improving overall business efficiency and productivity.

The best part is that these solutions work with a minimum of 100 Kbps upload and download bandwidth per line for VoIP. Smaller businesses may not even need to invest in high-speed internet or move from their existing connectivity.

Myth Busted: IP communication solutions are suited for businesses of all sizes. They are flexible enough to accommodate businesses according to their individual needs.


Whether you own or run a large enterprise or SMB, IP communication solutions are for everyone. They are incredibly beneficial, cost-effective, feature-rich, and can improve business operations, efficiency, and productivity through effective communications.

If the mentioned myths or misconceptions keep you from deploying or implementing IP communication solutions for your business, you shouldn’t worry.

We highly recommend you consult the expert professionals at Communications Solutions Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn about deploying and implementing IP communication solutions for your business.

The benefits you’ll reap from improved business communications will help take your business to new heights.

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