What’s the Best Telephony System for Your Business?

Telephony System

Whether you have 5, 25, or 500 employees choosing the right telephony system will keep your business flexible and competitive without breaking your budget. Having your office phone, cell phone, e-mail, texting, and everything else optimized and in sync is critical in today’s business world. When you unify and optimize your telephony system, you can better serve your customers and dramatically improve employee efficiencies. The key is getting the right telephony system to meet your unique business needs.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office has made a name for itself over the years as one of the most trusted and innovative telephony systems available. Avaya IP Office unifies your communications and provides your employees with a solution that frees them to handle business communication on the device of their choice. Whether it be a laptop, mobile phone, office phone, or home phone – using wired, wireless, or broadband connections.

Avaya IP Office Improves Customer Service

There’s no better way to kill business and lose customers by not being available. When a customer or prospect calls with an urgent, time-sensitive request and isn’t able to reach a person that is a disaster for your customer service reputation. The same thing happens when you get busy with peak call volumes, and customers and prospects are left on hold or sent to voicemail. Avaya IP Office ensures your customers are never left behind, and your employees can effectively manage all incoming calls in or out of the office.

Avaya IP Office Helps Control Costs

When you set up your communication system with Avaya IP Office, you centralize communications and eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenditures.

  • Lower Mobile Phone and Long-Distance Bills – IP Office helps reduce your company’s mobile and long-distance charges by routing calls through the system and over broadband links.
  • Handle More Calls with Fewer People – Instead of using staff time to answer incoming calls, you can rely on built-in intelligence to route calls quickly and accurately.
  • Onboard More Employees Remotely – If your business is growing, you need more help, but maybe you don’t need full-time employees. IP Office allows you to have staff working from home with all the same communications and call handling capabilities they’d have in the office.
  • Centralized Administration – If your business has more than one location, IP Office allows for remote management and administration from a central location. There’s no need to have an administrator at every site.

Ready to Transform Your Business Communications with Avaya IP Office?

Communications Solutions, Inc. has been the premier provider of telephony systems and support in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida area for the past 20+ years. We specialize in Avaya IP Office and can customize it to fit your business needs. If you want to get more familiar with what Avaya IP Office can do for you call today. We’re here to help!




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