Why Data Centers Need Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

We live in a digital data world. The data keeps growing in size, and the speeds keep increasing. Because of this new reality, data center space and efficiency have become spotlight factors for businesses. All hardware and cabling designs need to be modular, scalable, make optimal use of space, and take cooling and energy consumption into account. The days of point-to-point cabling is gone. 

Today’s Data Centers

Data centers today are high-density. They feature well-designed structured cabling systems that are optimized to increase uptime, scalability, and return on investment. They do this while simultaneously decreasing your technology footprint and operating expenses.

What is Structured Cabling?

A structured cabling system uses a Main Distribution Area, or MDF, as a kind of home base for all connections. The MDF is the central point of distribution for your data center’s structured cabling system. It’s the place where the main cross-connects, switches, and routers are located. All your active ports are replicated in the MDF, allowing your active equipment to stay active when you’re making adjustments, upgrades, or repairs.

Why Your Data Center Needs a Structured Cabling System

  • Maximize Your Uptime – Reduce your downtime when adding new hardware. The cables are organized and installed in an orderly way eliminating confusion. Reduce the chances of a wrong cable getting disconnected during moves, adds, and changes.
  • Increase Your Scalability – Data centers are complex and diverse environments. A structured cabling system is the easiest and safest path to scalability because of its modular design. Because the footprint is established, it makes adding new connections simple.
  • Reduce Your Footprint – A structured cabling system allows technicians to use smaller diameter trunk cabling. This reduces the overall cable bulk and decreases the chances of blocked airflow and damaged cables.
  • Best Return on Your Investment – Your data center’s structured cabling system will last for multiple generations of hardware. Your structured cabling system will:
  • Reduce system operation costs, including heating, cooling, and power.
  • Reduce installation and maintenance time.
  • Increase system availability – eliminates downtime
  • Minimizes sources of failure and maintain operations continuity

Want Structured Cabling for Your Data Center? 

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