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Communication Solutions Inc Helps You Optimize Collaboration

Communications Solutions, Inc. provides Collaboration Room Solutions, which enable your teams to work efficiently on various tasks and projects. Collaboration is essential for business success, regardless of your industry, because it helps you develop connections that propel your business toward its objectives. 

Collaboration Room Solutions comprises various software and hardware tools that let you realize the full benefits of collaboration, including

  • Integration with all major cloud storage services
  • Video conferencing
  • Compatibility with all desktop and mobile operating systems
  • Syncing across multiple devices
  • An intuitive interface

Collaboration Room Solutions includes two revolutionary products: ClearTouch and Barco Clickshare. 

Seamless Business Collaboration With Collaboration Room Solutions 

ClearTouch bundles hardware and software collaboration solutions for your business. It features a highly responsive touch panel offering seamless interactivity through various functionalities, such as drag, drop, swipe and expand. The panel supports wireless connectivity and device mirroring, reducing setup to a matter of seconds.

It also has up to 20 simultaneous points of touch, making it much easier to manipulate different objects on the screen and give a dynamic and effective presentation. You can add or remove elements in your presentation, zoom in/out or move them out of the way.

ClearTouch is software agnostic, meaning it’s compatible with any mobile or desktop device regardless of the operating system. As a result, it facilitates remote collaboration among team members with different devices. This solution’s universal compatibility means it easily integrates with other third-party tools, such as your preferred cloud storage service. 

The Full Accompanying Software Suite Is Available for Free

You get the entire ClearTouch software suite when you purchase the panel. The applications are highly intuitive, with clear buttons and easy-to-understand functionalities. You can open a virtual infinite canvas on which you can add multiple text, images and videos. You can also effortlessly annotate any file on the canvas or in an application on the screen. 

Consequently, you can use ClearTouch for collaborative tasks such as brainstorming ideas and making interactive, exciting presentations. This can be useful for developing new products or services or running various employee training programs. Combined with the video conferencing capabilities, ClearTouch opens up a world of opportunities to work together effectively. 

ClearTouch lets you record your collaborative activities. Besides the actions on the board, you can record other video and audio aspects of a session or event. Moreover, you can use this smart panel technology to implement enterprise- or site-wide device support and management. Watch this YouTube demo to learn more.

Allow team members to join meetings from any device with Barco Clickshare

Barco Clickshare from Communications Solutions, Inc. is a wireless conferencing solution that lets team members participate in meetings, regardless of their device. Like ClearTouch, this solution facilitates brainstorming sessions, discussion meetings and other collaborative tasks or projects. Barco Clickshare is a cost-effective and secure collaboration solution that’s easy to setup up and requires no training.

Connect Your Business to Technology

Collaboration Room Solutions offers your business access to several opportunities for effective collaboration. Contact Communications Solutions, Inc. today to learn more.



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