Security Camera System Solutions for Businesses

Security Camera System Solutions for Businesses

Are you looking for the best security feature for your business premise or property? Communications Solutions, Inc. has the best product for you. We have a strategic partnership with Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) to produce a cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution that is reliable, efficient, and accessible to users anywhere in the world. Our security product is perfect for anyone who values safety on their property. 

What Our Security Product Offers

  • Military-grade cyber security – our partner, Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System, are expert in cloud-based cyber security. They have infused their technology into our product.
  • Scalability – Our product accommodates business growth or additional residents in your residential property.
  • Integration – you can customize our security solution with your existing system to centralize operations and management courtesy of our partnership with the Brivo security platform and Brivo Onair API.
  • Automated access control – enjoy streamlined management and control. Create schedules, enforce permissions, receive alerts, monitor events, and review videos and reports in real-time.
  • Remote accessibility – monitor, control, and perform functions from anywhere in the world on your Android or iOS device
  • Set up security in your premises without heavy equipment, rewiring, or the need for storage space. 

Who Can Use Our Video Surveillance Solution 

Our security product is perfect for commercial buildings and properties. It also addresses industry-specific issues. Whether you are operating a retail shop, overseeing the security of a learning institution, or securing your business office, you will find this cloud-based security solution excellent for your needs. 

Advantages of Our Security Solution for Commercial Use 


  • View multiple locations of your premise with a single sign-in
  • Use video analytics to make informed business decisions
  • Track consumer activity
  • Permit or rescind user access in real-time 

Learning Institutions 

  • Monitor all sites during school hours
  • Lockdown the school at appropriate times or when the need arises
  • Enhance learners’ safety with tried and tested security measures
  • Security video is sharable with fist-responders for quick mitigation strategies 


  • Secure your clients and employees with an impenetrable cloud-based solution
  • Manage your assets and properties remotely
  • Use video analytics to improve your stakeholder’s experience
  • Customize video layout by floor or function for effective surveillance
  • Monitor facilities during office hours and after-hours 


  • Customized to accommodate your budget
  • Permits remote staff management
  • Monitor consumer behavior and use analytics to improve operations and profits 

Get Our Security Product Today 

Communications Solutions, Inc., in conjunction with Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS), provides a high-quality and efficient security product for commercial use. The surveillance occurs on high-quality video screens and gets transmitted on a secure cloud platform for review and mitigation. You can manage and respond to alerts in real-time or on the premises and monitor several premises in different locations remotely. 

Our security product is easy to customize to accommodate your current business setup. It is also scalable to adapt to growth and changes in your premises. To find out more, contact us today. 



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