The Softphone for Business, Explained

The Softphone for Business Explained

If you’re looking for ways to cut costs and improve communications, consider that you can reduce telecom costs by 50% by switching to VoIP.

A softphone is a type of VoIP communication system that can save your company money and improve efficiency. It allows you to make phone calls online. 

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s what you need to know about softphones for business. 

What Is a Softphone?

A softphone isn’t a physical device but rather a software application. When installed on a connected device, you can use it to make phone calls through the internet. 

Through a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) provider, softphones provide businesses with a flexible communication solution compared to analog phone lines. 

VoIP technology turns your voice into a digital signal that travels over the internet. This system uses special phones, adapters, or devices to work. You can install the app on smartphones or computers as long as the device is connected to the internet. 

A softphone app works with your business phone system. The design and interface are intuitive, making it simple for employees to learn how to use the system. There are all the usual buttons traditional phone systems have, including mute and hold, but with additional features.

The Benefits of Softphones for Business

One of the biggest benefits of using softphones for business is that it allows employees to take the “office phone” with them. Once set up with a device and connection, you’ll rarely have to worry about missed calls or communication hold-ups.

The ability to make calls online provides a great deal of flexibility. It increases efficiency and helps to reduce wasted time. Higher levels of productivity are better for your bottom line. 

Softphone systems have the same features as traditional phones, including keypads, transfer abilities, hold, and mute. Plus, the software includes extra features such as the ability to send conference call invitations, check the calendar, etc. 

Softphones provide the option of using the number across different devices. It’s easy to install the hardware on almost any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

If you have remote workers or a hybrid work policy, making calls online with a softphone is the best way to stay connected, providing the option to work from almost anywhere. 

Finally, you can save big by switching to a softphone application. Making online calls is far less expensive than communicating over traditional telephone networks.

Ready to Make the Switch to a Softphone?

Communication technology is constantly advancing, and we’ve moved beyond traditional analog systems toward softphones for business. Now that you know more about how a softphone works, are you ready to switch? 

Here at Communications Solutions, Inc., we provide a variety of complete business phone systems. Whatever the size of your company or your industry, we have a solution to suit your needs.

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