The Latest Breakthroughs in Facial Recognition Technology

The Latest Breakthroughs in Facial Recognition Technology

A recent report from Cyberlink found more than 175 million Americans use facial recognition technology daily. The report also found many 18 to 34-year-olds use facial recognition software security features.

What is facial recognition technology? It uses technology to match a human face from a digital image.

Recent technology trends with this new software include uses in retail and better overall accuracy. Bias is also a trend that concerns some with facial recognition software.

Here’s more on the latest breakthroughs in facial recognition technology.


Software firm CSC recently found that 30 percent of retailers are using new technology such as facial recognition software.

Uses include tracking customers while they are in the store for loyalty programs. Technology trends allow for giving extra benefits to repeat customers. Staff can greet repeat customers as they arrive, give them personalized attention, and offer superior customer service. 

Moreover, many find this new software is best for tracking shoplifters. It allows retailers to put people on their ‘watch’ list to capture them in the act. Security features scan and match those entering the store to a database of suspected criminals. 


It’s no secret as facial recognition technology progresses, it becomes more accurate. Software engineers constantly work to improve it and become more adaptable to different circumstances. The new software allows for better algorithms. 

Better accuracy means fewer mistakes. Over the long term, people will trust something with better accuracy. 


No system is perfect. Facial recognition technology can sometimes misidentify people, especially people of color. It can lead to a wrongful arrest. However, with improved software, technology can eliminate bias. 

Algorithms must use more diverse samples of humans to reduce bias. 

Some municipalities are passing laws that force users to sign a consent form. Written consent would allow a company to collect such data.


What is facial recognition when it comes to paying for something?

Instead of using a phone or QR code, the software uses your face! In seconds, you can pay for something without your wallet. Simplify checkouts and improve customer service. 

Many consumers like the idea because they don’t have to carry anything. There’s also a lower chance of losing credit cards or stealing your identity.

Content Control

Facial recognition technology can help crack down on illegal behavior on social media with content control. 

For example, if someone is reported missing by the police, facial recognition can scan social media for their likeness. It can also cut down on graphic and obscene photographs.

Breakthroughs in Facial Recognition Technology and Security Features 

Recent breakthroughs in facial recognition technology include retail, accuracy, bias, payment, and content control. The industry is also working to ensure security features are a major component of each trend.

Rapidly changing technology means new opportunities for business owners. Get on board today!

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