Exploring the Advancements in Digital Signage Technology

Exploring the Advancements in Digital Signage Technology

The Power of Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

Digital signage has become vital for corporate communication. One example is when PwC relocated its offices to Dublin and needed to share the latest information about the new office with its over 2,000 employees. 

Instead of using mobile devices or the company intranet, PwC installed 29 digital signs in high-footfall locations throughout the 22,000-square-foot office complex. This way, the staff viewed new information and updates throughout the day.

Moreover, digital screens in lobbies and busy areas can give visitors and potential clients a glimpse of the company’s strategy and policy. Consequently, corporates can supercharge their company culture and improve interactions with staff.

Transforming Customer Interactions with Interactive Technology

Interactive screens are not new in digital signage, but they’re becoming increasingly popular audio-visual solutions for improving communications and brand experience. For example, companies can use digital signage at trade shows to display content to visitors. 

They can even use digital signage to take virtual showrooms to their physical locations elsewhere, allowing viewers to think more about the experience they would have with a product or service and transforming the standard digital signage experience. 

Ultimately, digital signage will play a larger role in digital signage as businesses look for ways to improve communication and provide a better overall customer experience.

Smell the Success of Sensory Digital Signage

Integrating sensory experiences with digital screens is a growing trend. For example, Japanese telecommunications company NTT championed this concept by launching digital signage that emits scents. Strategically placing these aroma-emitting devices adjusts the level and type of fragrance in specific areas. 

The idea was to strengthen the communications of NTT’s online fragrance division by heightening the chances of viewers noticing the sign and remembering the advertised product. Soon, the sensory experience of digital screens will become part of our daily experiences.

Unlocking the Power of Customer Insights with Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology in digital signage is an emerging trend that may provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. The technology scans customers’ faces at checkout screens in supermarkets and gas stations to determine their age and gender.

Marketers can use this information to display more targeted advertising. However, there is a delicate balance between providing relevant content and respecting privacy and consent. 

Companies like Sightcorp claim that they can track ethnicity, facial expressions and sentiment, which could be used to monitor customer reactions. If used correctly, this technology can help businesses understand their customers better and improve their products and services.

Get Help Creating an Impactful, Memorable Digital Signage Strategy

To wrap up, digital signage is becoming a core component of a sound marketing strategy. Integrating innovative techniques such as sensory experiences, interactive screens and facial recognition technology is revolutionizing customer communication. Contact Communications Solutions, Inc  today to level up your marketing strategy using digital signage



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