Why Switch to Avaya’s Cloud-Based VOIP Solution?

Why Switch to Avaya's Cloud-Based VOIP Solution

Around this time last year, Avaya and RingCentral teamed up to create Avaya Cloud Office. Since its deployment, Avaya Cloud Office has exceeded expectations and keeps getting better. Avaya Cloud Office lets teams call, chat, meet, and collaborate no matter where they are. The cloud-based VOIP solution brings together over 100 business integrations, including Google Drive and Salesforce, creating a truly customizable cloud unified communications experience. In this article, we’ll look at some of the big advantages of switching over to Avaya’s Cloud Office. 

Truly Unified Communication 

Avaya Cloud Office integrates business communications into a single cloud-based solution that includes voice, messaging, web meetings, audio/video conferencing, voicemail, and more. It also integrates with your existing cloud-based business applications. Simplifying and unifying your communications on a cloud platform eliminates administrative overhead and complex tracking of multiple vendors while delivering new synergy amongst your team. 

Simplify Multi-Location Management 

Avaya Cloud Office can be centrally managed from any location using a simple web interface or a mobile app.  You can save the cost and headache of sending IT people with telephony experience to remote locations to perform maintenance or make simple but costly changes. At the same time, it eliminates the need to deal with local service providers that aren’t always known for speedy customer service.  

Easy Scalability 

When you’re growing in a competitive market, you need the flexibility to move when you’re ready. Waiting for a service provider to add a new number or send an IT tech to a remote location every time you add a new employee is no longer an option. Getting locked into inflexible systems is too risky. As your business needs change, Avaya Cloud Office is ready to adapt. Even if your business changes seasonally, Avaya can seamlessly scale up and down as your needs change. 

Connect your Mobile and Remote Workers 

As more and more companies choose to keep a larger percentage of staff at home, having a solution to keep your staff connected as if they are in the office is critical. Avaya Cloud Office keeps your remote staff connected in the same way as employees in the office. The Avaya Cloud Office mobile app works on any iOS or Android device, transforming mobile phones into desk phones no matter where your employees are. 

Ready to Switch to Avaya Cloud Office? 

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