Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

When it comes to commercial building security, installing an around the clock cloud-based video surveillance system is the best choice. Security cameras deter, stop, and audit security breaches and give law-enforcement a reliable resource for their investigations. Although video surveillance has been widely used for decades, the technology has evolved substantially. One of the biggest and most impactful changes is the transition to the cloud. Cloud-based video surveillance offers all of the old benefits of video surveillance, but is packed with a lot of new benefits as well. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits here. 

Video Data Maintenance Cost Reduction 

Of the best reasons to switch from on-premise to the cloud is it frees your business from the expensive cost of maintaining server hardware. When you switch to the cloud, all of your data hosting needs are taken care of with a simple flat-rate fee. No more worrying about maintenance, system expansion, and upgrade costs. 

Always Have Access to Your Archives 

The major cloud providers maintain multiple data centers across the world. If a disaster were to jeopardize one, you would still have backups of your video data secured through the other data centers. With on-premise hosting, you put all of your eggs into one basket. If this location is compromised due to a security breach or natural disaster, you could lose all of your archived footage. 

Easily Integrate with New Technology 

In the cloud, you can easily integrate your system with video analytics and essentially train your video surveillance system to do what you want. It can track the movement of people, license plate numbers, abnormally high activity, and ultimately make your cameras a lot smarter. The cloud allows you to integrate AI and machine learning technology to make this happen. 

Easy Access and Management 

Cloud surveillance systems can be accessed from almost anywhere. The ability to view activity when you’re not at a facility offers a big advantage. You can monitor staff and employees when you’re traveling. Access your entire facility from your smartphone or any mobile device. Get real-time event-triggered alerts, no matter where you are. Response time to an event is critical for deescalating and notifying local authorities.  

Ready to Take Your Security to the Cloud? 

CSI has partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to deliver a cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution that gives our customers the best security, features, and capabilities. Our customers can view their videos from mobile devices (android and IOS) and monitor their facilities from anywhere in the world. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) provides the highest level of cybersecurity and reliability. The cloud-based solution means fewer headaches and less equipment for our customers.

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