Benefits of Quality Server and Data Racks

Benefits of Quality Server and Data Racks

Server and data racks are not something companies think about when considering their on-premise networking infrastructure. However, on-premise servers and structured cabling systems are a major investment that need to be protected. Quality and appropriate server and data racks ensure your investment is protected, along with providing a number of other short term and long term benefits. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why having quality racks and enclosures are important for housing your equipment, and the benefits that come with them. 

What is a Server Rack? 

Good server racks give owners a chance to expand when needed. A quality server rack is strong enough to hold current equipment needs, and additional future add-ons. Your server rack should be adjustable to give you the flexibility to accommodate new equipment, without the need of buying a new rack. If your data center has limited floor space, the right server rack will help you optimize your space and leave room for growth. 

Room to Grow 

In early 2000, Cat5 overtook Cat3 as the Ethernet cable of choice.  It stood out by using two cable pairs to transmit signals over copper wire. Its maximum frequency is clocked at MHz and has speeds of 100 Mbps. Cat5 can be used at lengths of up to 100 meters. Today, Cat5 cables have been largely replaced by Cat5e cables. 

Improved Security 

Security is critical for your network system. Access to an on-premise server should be highly secure. If your server gets damaged or is vandalized, it can be extremely costly. A quality server rack will have locks that keep unauthorized individuals from accessing the server. Some racks come with front and back side locks and offer additional security upgrades. 

Easier Equipment Maintenance 

All equipment, including servers and network equipment, require regular maintenance to perform at their best. A good rack makes maintenance more efficient. Racks can be designed to make their door easily removable to allow for full access to the stored equipment. If security is not an issue, the door can be left off to allow for better airflow and increased ventilation. At a minimum, when it’s time to clean and service, maintenance will be easier.  

Better Server Performance 

Your server and networking equipment will get warm and even hot. A good rack will be designed to allow airflow to go in and out, keeping your equipment cool. Racks should be designed with strategic airflow holes to promote proper temperature and keep your equipment from overheating. When your equipment gets too hot, performance suffers, and damage can occur. 

Do You Need Networking Racks and Enclosures for Your Equipment? 

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