Racks vs. Enclosures

Racks vs. Enclosures

When it comes to keeping your servers, voice and data cabling, network equipment, and other equipment organized, there is nothing better than server racks. However, the decision between opting for racks vs. enclosures for the job can be confusing, and many do not know which one best suits their needs.

Hence, we have made a detailed comparison between the two to help you decide which one suits your needs better. Let’s discuss what racks and enclosures are and compare their pros and cons to give you a better idea.

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What Is a Rack?

A rack is an open-frame server rack to house the cable system of your network. It is not concealed and can be accessed from all sides at all times. It organizes your cabling; however, all of the cablings are still exposed.

Racks strike the perfect balance between accessibility and organization, making them great for offices or industries where frequent access to the cabling is needed.

What Is an Enclosure?

An enclosure is simply an enclosed rack. It is a closed housing with a door that conceals the cabling inside while keeping it neat and organized. Due to the enclosed rack’s design, your systems and cabling remain protected inside it, and the enclosure provides an extra layer of safety to the contents.

Enclosures are a great option to extend the life of your systems, and they work well in spaces where you need to organize network components, conceal cables, and keep them all out of sight.

Racks vs. Enclosures

Let’s compare racks vs. enclosures by discussing their pros and cons to help you understand which one of the two is better suited to your needs. Before we pick the differences, you should know that both racks and enclosures are great options for organizing and storing your systems and cabling.

They both offer a similar primary purpose, and they both have floor and wall-mounting options. That being said, let’s look at their pros and cons.

Rack Pros

Racks are excellent for organizing your network servers, voice, data cabling, etc., without having to pay too much. Here are the main pros of racks:

  • Access

Racks offer incredible access to the equipment inside. Tasks like switching cables, working on servers, and changing equipment are easy because no enclosures or obstructions are getting in your way.

  • Airflow

The open-frame nature of racks means that not only do you have access but so does air. There is nothing in the way of air flowing through your equipment or heat dissipating from it, which is a plus for keeping your equipment cool.

  • Cost-Effective

Compared to enclosures, racks require fewer materials to produce, which means material costs are reduced. Most racks cost only a third of what a similar enclosure might cost. Racks provide an economical solution to businesses or startups with a tight budget.

Racks Cons

As with most things, there are also some disadvantages to racks.

  • Exposed Cabling

Naturally, open-frame racks have exposed cabling, which is never a good look. It also leads to less secure placement of cables, which may get stressed at the ports or get pulled out accidentally.

  • Elements

The equipment inside racks is exposed to the elements, which means it can gather dust over time, limiting the function or shortening the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Security

Since there is nothing in the way, anyone can access your racks and tamper with the cabling, equipment, or buttons.

Enclosure Pros

Enclosures provide a different experience. Most people find them to be more advantageous, which is probably why they are the more popular choice among the two. 

  • Hidden Cables

Enclosures offer a safe way to hide your cables. They make the enclosure look neat and also reduce the risk of cables getting pulled or damaged.

  • Controlled Airflow

Unlike open-frame racks, enclosures do not have open airflow. However, they can have cooling devices or fans installed inside them. Such upgrades allow for more temperature and airflow control while also being more effective cooling methods.

  • Security & Protection

Enclosures are more secure than racks because they can be locked to prevent unauthorized access to the equipment inside. Moreover, they provide extra protection from elements and accidents around the equipment.

Enclosure Cons

As nice as enclosures sound, there are still some drawbacks to them, which you should consider.

  • Access

Access to your equipment is hindered in enclosures, and it can be more time-consuming and difficult to install or work on the equipment inside. This is simply because there is less room to maneuver, especially when compared to open-frame racks.

If your work requires regular access to equipment, the time consumption and difficulty of enclosures will ‘rack up,’ and they quickly become an inefficient option.

  • Mobility

Moving your enclosures will be more difficult than racks because enclosures weigh much more, especially if you have cooling devices installed in them.

  • Costs

Enclosures utilize much more materials and are therefore more expensive to purchase. If your equipment requires fans or cooling devices, the upgrades further add to the costs of enclosures.


Hopefully, you now have a greater understanding of racks and enclosures and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Depending on which suits your needs better, racks and enclosures can be a great way to organize your network systems, servers, voice and data cabling, and other equipment.

Both racks and enclosures are a popular option, and it all depends on the type of equipment you use, the space you use it in, and your budget. You do not have to limit yourself to either, and you should take advantage of both, wherever possible.

Many businesses and offices often use one for some equipment and the other for other equipment. Regardless, you will find the best of both solutions at Communications Solutions Inc., in Jacksonville, Florida.

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