How Interactive Panels Can Help Your Business

How Interactive Panels Can Help Your Business

Interactive Panels have evolved quite a bit over the past few years. Today’s models are capable of delivering an intuitive, hassle-free experience for leaders hosting meetings and giving presentations. They take meetings to the next level and drastically elevate your team’s experience. They make it easy for real-time collaboration, better communication, streamlined presentations, and a lot more. This article is going to focus on how adding an interactive panel to your team can help your business.

Start Your Meeting with No Delays 

Whether you’re a product manager running an internal team, or you’re a CEO hosting a global online conference, you want to start your meeting as smoothly as possible. An interactive panel is designed to help hosts start meetings on time and without hang-ups. With built-in technology that’s easy to use, you’ll never need to call IT, and you’ll build instant credibility with your attendees with a strong opening every time.

More Engaging Presentations 

The days of the passive PowerPoint presentation and laser pointer is over. If you want your audience to engage, you must have an engaging presentation. Interactive panels shift the focus from the presenter and allow for seamless audience engagement. Team members can interact with the panel in real-time via their own devices. Draw, annotate, and more during your meeting or presentation. The days of the static presentation are over.

More Efficiency 

How information flows within an organization dramatically impacts efficiencies. A conference room outfitted with a powerful, modern interactive panel helps your team take action and move forward with mission-critical tasks quickly. With today’s collaborative work environment, everyone needs to be able to share ideas and content with the team even if they’re working remotely. Everyone, remote or on-site, improves efficiencies when conference room equipment is smart and dependable.

Improved Meeting Culture 

When staff is empowered to participate in a meeting, company culture improves. Encouraging more input from meeting participants makes everyone feel valued. As a result, more ideas and better ideas bubble to the surface. Management transparency is a critical factor when it comes to employee satisfaction. Truly collaborative conference room technology can be the gateway to getting the most out of your employees.

Make Your Remote Staff Feel Like They’re Part of the Team 

Today’s new normal is working remotely. Whether you have full-time remote workers or part-time, an interactive panel makes them feel like they’re a valued voice. They feel like they’re in the room with the host and other team members because everyone is interacting with their devices. They can share, annotate, record, and participate from wherever they are.

Ready to Transform Your Meetings and Presentations with an Interactive Panel? 

CSI has partnered with ClearTouch, a leader in smart, interactive panels that will become the hub of your business.  ClearTouch Interactive Displays allow for up to 20 simultaneous touch points, immediate access to mobile apps and software, device mirroring, and wireless connectivity, all designed to get people collaborating quickly, in real-time.  

Contact us today to find out how we can get you the right interactive panel for your business or organization in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida area. 




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