Why You Should Consider Wireless Conferencing

Why You Should Consider Wireless Conferencing

Remote work has quickly become the new norm for companies and organizations. Connecting remotely saves time and allows work staff and customers to connect from anywhere worldwide. In the age of Covid-19, it also adds a layer of protection. Unfortunately, all of the benefits of remote work and remote conferencing come to a screeching halt without the right technology. This article is going to explore the idea of the wireless conferencing room and why having the right technology makes all the difference. 

What is the Wireless Conference Room? 

The wireless conferencing room is a meeting place where people can connect and display presentation material to a projector wirelessly. This means no plugging cables into laptops or smartphones. The Wi-Fi signal should be strong enough to allow both static images and videos to be presented smoothly. The absence of cables enables a “bring your own device” workplace, where presenters can display content from any laptop or smartphone seamlessly and reliably. 

No Need for Cables 

Tired of hunting for the HDMI cables every time you walk into a conference room? Tired of being restricted to one area of the room once you find the cables you’re looking for? Then there’s the issue of not having the right ports on your device to connect to the projector. When you switch to a wireless presentation system, you eliminate the need for conference room cables and all the hang-ups that come with them. 

Free Your IT Team 

Most companies are using their IT team for repetitive, mundane, housekeeping jobs like sorting out and troubleshooting the AV system in the conference rooms. Sourcing all the different types of HDMI and VGA adaptors and keeping them available is a waste of IT talent. Eliminate all of your simple IT maintenance problems when you upgrade to a wireless conference room. 

Set Up Presentations in Seconds 

When we imagine modern technology, we think of sophistication, convenience, and speed. Most meetings are inefficient and waste valuable minutes for set up and break down multiple times per week. All of this time adds up by the end of the year. The best wireless conference room technology support native wireless display protocols from Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android. Just press a button and start your presentation. 

Encourage Collaboration Among Attendees 

Workplace productivity increases by 10x with the help of cloud-based software. Whether you’re using Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, or any other app, your wireless conferencing tech can easily integrate with your cloud-based collaboration tools. When meeting attendees connect to the warless display receiver, their devices become the presentation viewer and allow them to take notes in real-time. Meetings can be shared across Dropbox, Google Drive, and other resources, so all team members stay on the same page. 

Ready to Enhance your In-Office and Remote Meetings with Wireless Conferencing? 

CSI has partnered with Barco, the manufacture of the Clickshare wireless presentation system.  Clickshare is an intuitive meeting collaboration from huddle spaces to boardrooms.

  • Hassle-free content sharing
  • Share via the ClickShare USB Button or Desktop App
  • Easy integration into the company network
  • Collaborate using annotation, blackboarding and touchback features
  • Secure and certified

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