How Your Office Can Benefit from White Noise Sound Masking

How Your Office Can Benefit from White Noise Sound Masking

Many businesses suffer from the side effects of office noise. Most office spaces were not designed with optimized acoustics in mind. As a result, noise in office spaces is often amplified, creating all day distractions. Distracted employees are more likely to make mistakes. Perhaps more concerning is the security risk related to the amount of sensitive personal information that is spoken aloud. More and more office environments, especially ones dealing with confidential information, are adopting sound masking systems to protect themselves and their clients.  In this article we will discuss how your office can benefit from white noise sound masking.

What is Office Sound Masking? 

Sound masking systems produce a monotonous humming sound at the same frequencies as the human voice. It’s no more distracting than the hum of an air conditioner. The sound defuses the voices in the room so they cannot travel farther than the space of a normal conversation. 

Benefits of White Noise Systems in the Office 

There are many benefits of using commercial office sound masking systems in a variety of office settings. 

  • Reduced Distractions: Sound masking covers up distracting sounds like ticking clocks, clicking keyboards, conversations, and other attention-grabbing noises. 
  • More Productivity: fewer distractions leads to higher employee productivity levels. 
  • Increased Accuracy: When employees aren’t overhearing conversations, they aren’t a part of, they can focus on their task and are less likely to make mistakes. 
  • More Privacy: Clients expect conversations to stay between them and the intended employee. When your company uses sound masking, clients are more assured that their private information stays private. 
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: When customers know their information is secure and there are few mistakes involving their information, they are more satisfied with your services. 
  • Stress Reduction: When there are fewer distractions, employees tend to be at ease and operate with lower stress levels. Employees that aren’t overstressed are more productive and record lower rates of absenteeism. 

What Types of Office Settings Can Benefit from Sounds Making Systems? 

There are a number of different workplace environments that can benefit from office sound masking systems. Any office that handles private, sensitive information makes the list. Call centers, medical offices, hospitals, and financial institutions can all benefit. Really, any office with open floor plans or just generally noisy environments can take advantage of the benefits provided by office sound masking systems. 

Need Help Choosing the Right Sound Masking System for Your Office? 

Communications Solutions provides white noise and sound masking systems from Lencore, a leading provider in the industry. Depending on your specific environment and needs, we can match you with the ideal sound masking system, install it in your facility, and make sure you understand how to operate it. 

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