How to Choose the Right Conferencing Platform

How to Choose the Right Conferencing Platform

Software should help us work smarter, not harder. Unfortunately, that’ not always the case. Poorly designed or unreliable software can result in more work – especially for your IT team. When it comes to video conference software, choosing the right conferencing platform can keep your team seamlessly connected and reduce the number of IT tickets within your organization.

Choosing a reliable and feature-rich conferencing platform provides the dual benefit of empowering team members to better communicate with fellow team members and clients, while also easing the burden of your IT team. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the must-have features that every up-to-date conferencing platform you consider should have.

One-click to Join

A video conference platform should make it easy for a user to join meetings. Whether the meeting was scheduled in advance or on the fly, participants should only have to make one click or tap to join the meeting. This goes for both desktop and mobile devices. The more complex it is to join a meeting, the more likely end-users will contact IT, be late, or miss the meeting.

Scheduling Integrations

Software should not exist in a vacuum. It needs to integrate with the other applications your business uses every day. For conferencing software, few integrations are as important as the calendar. It’s used for scheduling meetings and sending out invitations and meeting reminders. A calendar integration makes it easy to invite participants to a meeting by automatically creating an invite with all the necessary meeting information. It also streamlines the process of joining the meeting so participants can join from their calendar with one click.

HD audio and Video

One of the most common reasons IT gets called is to address video conference issues. Selecting a video conference platform that ensures the delivery of high-definition audio and video for every meeting is key to keeping end users engaged and informed without the help of your IT team.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is an extremely useful feature that allows hosts and participants to share their screen with the rest of the meeting participants. This function enables in-sync presentation and collaboration for all meeting participants. Combined with video, screen sharing is an ideal way to ensure your message is delivered with clarity.

Recording and Cloud Storage

Recording features are a must in a world where meeting fatigue is always present. Recording allows any meeting or presentation to be captured and stored in the cloud for later access. This is useful for creating marketing and training materials, archiving company updates, or providing instructional guides to end-users.


Last but not least, the security of data in transit and stored on cloud servers is critically important. The IT team is continually on the watch for cybersecurity threats and data breaches. When a video platform takes the necessary steps to prevent security pitfalls and vulnerabilities, your IT tame can focus on other important areas within your business.

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