The Benefits of Access Control for Your Business

the benefits of access control for your business

Access control is an electronic way of restricting access to a building or designated area within a building. You can have access control on doors or even gates. For example, your business may have a room that stores sensitive and confidential records, and you may want to limit access to that room to only certain employees. Access control can also be used as point of entry security to ensure only employees can enter the building or parking lot. How you use access control depends on your unique needs. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of access control and how it can help your business. 

Say Goodbye to Lost Keys 

When an employee moves on and fails to return company keys, you’re stuck with the expense of making new keys and possibly changing locks. The same situation applies if an employee loses a key. When you install an access control system, you can simply remove the employee’s access card from the system and issue a new card when necessary. 

Increased Security 

An access control system increases the safety of your employees when entering your business. It’s much faster to swipe a card than stand outside fumbling through keys. Lost keys can be easily duplicated, but a card cannot. Your access control system makes sure only people with access cards can enter the building, gate, or room. If you’re a large business with a lot of employees, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. Access control helps prevent the wrong people from slipping in undetected. 

Reduced Theft and Accidents 

An access control system allows you to give only approved or specially trained employees access to designated areas. You may want to limit who has access to your supply room to keep better track of supplies. If you have hazardous chemicals or dangerous equipment in your facility, you can reduce the likelihood of an untrained employee accessing the area and being injured.  

Control Multiple Access Points Across Multiple Properties 

Many businesses have multiple access points. Your access control system will allow you to limit access to employees who only need to enter one building, while allowing access to employees that need to enter multiple areas within your building. 

Ready for Access Control for your Business or Facility? 

Access Control Systems are not just for businesses. Apartment complexes, community centers, parking garages, and even college campuses use access control systems.  Communications Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Brivo, a leading manufacturer of Access Control to serve the Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida area.  The Brivo security platform and Brivo Onair API enable the custom design of building access control systems with unmatched scalability and integration for a unified, centralized management solution. 

  • CREATE SCHEDULES – Set times for entrances and alarms
  • MANAGE PERMISSIONS – Grant different levels of user access
  • MONITOR EVENTS – Get event alerts and view real-time video
  • VIEW REPORTS – Receive event data in easy-to-view reports

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