Access Control with Hosted Management

Access Control with Hosted Management

When you think about access control systems, you might think about card readers, magnetic locks, electric strikes, and other devices that are attached to a door to control access. These systems have been proven to be effective at controlling entry, securing specific areas of buildings, and eliminating the risk associated with the loss of physical keys. The newest solution in card access control is something called “managed” or “hosted” access control. This article will take a closer look at hosted access control and how it can benefit your business or organization.

What is Managed Access Control or Hosted Access Control?

The foundation of the card access system remains the same when we talk about managed access control. Reader Controllers are still installed on-site, card readers and electric strikes are installed at doors, and access cards are distributed to authorized users. The most significant change comes in how and where the data for the card access control system is stored. With a managed access control system, the data and software are hosted at a third party secured facility. Think of it the same way you would as a cloud-based service or any other hosted service.

How Does Managed Access Control Work?

Managed Access Control systems connect controllers at a site to the remote server via the internet. All the information from the controllers is sent via a secure connection to the server. When you’re logged into your account online or via an app on your smartphone, you can see what is happening with your access control in real-time. Doors can be remotely managed via a portal and through applications on a desktop or app on a mobile device. If the internet fails, the card access control system will continue to operate as usual.

Benefits of Managed Access Control

  • Increased Data Security – Data hosted in the cloud means the data will never be lost, ensuring system continuity.
  • Access Anywhere and Anytime – Easily manage multiple sites through a familiar web browser at any time and any place.
  • Managed by Professionals – Changes in administration are done by the service provider, so you don’t need to worry about training staff on how to administer your access control system. 

Ready for Managed Access Control?

CSI has partnered with Brivo, a leading manufacturer of Access Control.  The Brivo security platform and Brivo Onair API enable the custom design of building access control systems with unmatched scalability and integration for a unified, centralized management solution. 

  • CREATE SCHEDULES – Set times for entrances and alarms
  • MANAGE PERMISSIONS – Grant different levels of user access
  • MONITOR EVENTS – Get event alerts and view real-time video
  • VIEW REPORTS – Receive event data in easy-to-view reports

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