Elevated Temperature Detection Cameras

Temperature Detection Cameras

Part of the “new normal” after COVID-19 will be a greater focus on businesses and organizations keeping customers and employees as safe as possible.  The entire world will be focused on prevention and quick isolation so we can avoid going through another widespread pandemic. One of the keys to help us achieve that goal will be detection and quickly acting to isolate infected individuals. One way we know an individual is symptomatic is by checking their temperature. Now businesses and organizations can do it with thermal cameras. 

A More Discrete Way to Screen Individuals 

Some select thermal cameras have been specifically designed to detect the temperatures of humans. These cameras are being used at entrances to buildings, businesses, theaters, retail stores, and other high foot traffic areas. The goal is to have a reliable, contactless method of evaluating the temperature of customers and visitors, to help determine if additional screening is necessary. The cameras have the ability to record, alert, and report, which simplifies the temperature screening process. 

How Elevated Temperature Screening Cameras Works 

Most traditional cameras use sensors to detect light and convert it into an image. The image is made of pixels that each have a specific color. Thermal cameras work by using sensors that can detect heat, instead of visible light, and then convert that to an image where the pixel has a specific temperature instead of color. Different thermal cameras have different levels of accuracy. Cameras designed for elevated temperature screening have a level of accuracy of +/- 0.5 F. 

How Thermal Cameras Help Businesses 

Businesses and organizations are relying on thermal cameras to bring peace of mind to their customers and employees. The cameras are used at the entrance, ideally indoors. Hospitals, airports, schools, and offices are able to pre-screen individuals as they enter the premises. If an individual registers an elevated temperature, they can discretely be notified and be isolated for additional screening or given the option to leave to seek professional medical assistance. 

Benefits of Elevated Temperature Monitoring 

The thermal cameras used for temperature screening can be managed with a cloud-based solution. The cloud provides for: 

  • Video footage can be uploaded and saved in real-time to the cloud
  • Real-time alerts are sent when high temperatures are detected
  • Contactless screening
  • Fully encrypted video and data 
  • Remote access for monitoring anywhere at anytime 

Ready to Bring Peace of Mind to Your Customers and Employees? 

CSI offers our customers Elevated Temperature Detection screening solutions.  We provide equipment, installation, and help set up the management dashboard so you can easily monitor and manage everything. If you’d like to show you’re doing everything possible to ensure the safety of your customers and employees call today for a free quote. 




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