Top 3 Biggest Benefits of VOIP for Businesses

Top 3 Biggest Benefits of VOIP for Businesses

By now, you may have heard about VoIP (voice over internet protocol). Over the past few years, businesses and organizations have switched to VoIP because of the cost savings, flexibility, functionality, and reliability. VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice calls. Now companies across the nation are taking their legacy phone systems online and connecting employees and customers in a modern and way. In this article, we’ll look at the top three reasons organizations are switching over to VoIP. 

Remote Workers & Flexibility 

After 2020 a new paradigm of remote work has emerged that looks to only get bigger. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that over 20% of the US workforce is now performing some or all of their duties from home. Traditionally work from home employees have stayed connected to their offices through email, while telephone communications have been limited because of the difficulties of extending corporate phone systems. 

VoIP technology makes it possible to extend corporate phone systems to anywhere your employees are located. Employees only need to connect a VoIP handset to an employee’s home network, and they’re connected to the company phone system. Calls can be transferred to their extension, conference calls between employees and customers are possible, and a lot more. 

No Downtime Ever 

Risk management is a major consideration for every organization. The continuity of business is critical during and after unexpected disasters. Natural disasters like fires, floods, and earthquakes can destroy buildings and shut down cities for days or weeks at a time. For organizations the must continue business in the wake of the unexpected VoIP telephony has forever changed the Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan framework. It has solved the problem of reliable telecommunications in the event of a disaster. 

Businesses in Florida, for example, are always faced with the aftermath of a hurricane. Downed telephone lines used to mean the possibility for telecommunications to end for days or weeks. Because VoIP operates in the cloud and requires no on-premise hardware, organizations stay active with open lines no matter what is happening at the company’s physical locations. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership 

A lot of businesses that haven’t switched to VoIP are paying a monthly fee for their internet service and a separate fee for telephone services. Some are also paying additional fees for outdated telephone handsets and voicemail systems with limited features. All of the overlapping costs and fees add up to significant yearly expenditures just to keep old equipment running.

Because VoIP only needs an internet connection to initiate and receive calls, you can cut the cost of paying your telephone service provider. And unlike traditional hardwire-based phone systems, which require tools and skills to managed and maintain, VoIP systems are all software-based and easily managed through a web browser. Managing the systems is easy and doesn’t require the assistance of an IT team or any other costly expert. 

Ready to Switch to VoIP? 

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