How Chatbots are Transforming Customer Service

How Chatbots are Transforming Customer Service

When chatbots first emerged, the idea was exciting, but the execution led a lot to be desired. Today’s chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and are game-changers for the customer experience. Chatbots help customers find information, make reservations, and connect customers to the right people that can solve a specific problem efficiently. Every major brand today is using chatbot technology to cut costs while at the same time deliver a superior customer experience. In this article, we’ll look at exactly how incorporating chatbot technology can transform your customer service. 

Always Available 

Whether your business is operating locally or globally, providing 24/7 customer service can have a massive impact on your customers’ satisfaction. The majority of questions your customer wants to ask can be answered in whole or at least partially by an AI-empowered chatbot. This means customers no longer need to stay on hold for 15 minutes to get a one-second answer. They can also get the information they need off-hours which increases the likelihood of them following up with you during business hours instead of moving onto a different company. 

A Helpful Salesperson 

Most consumers do not like unsolicited sales calls or emails. But you can’t stop marketing and trying to make sales. An AI-driven chatbot can not only simultaneously have conversations with thousands of customers, but they can offer special personalized coupons, limited-time promotions, and everything customers want at the right moment.  Saying no to a chatbot feels a lot less confrontational to customers, making them more receptive to considering the offer and not feeling pressured to buy.  

Low Maintenance 

Setting up and implementing a custom chatbot is a lot more affordable and faster than hiring employees for each task. A single agent can only handle one or two customers at once, unlike a chatbot that can service hundreds or thousands. Hiring agents to handle customer questions 365 24/7 is a massive overhead expenditure. Using chatbots as virtual agents can help businesses cut customer service costs by almost 50%. Chatbots are predicted to deal with 90% of all client inquires within the next five years. 

Higher Engagement Rates 

Engagement is more important than ever. It’s the reason why so many companies are starting to use chatbots for social media marketing. Engaging customers through social media can help increase sales by up to 45%. The flexible structure of chatbots makes them easy to integrate with other channels and improve engagement. Chatbots can even lead customers through a complete sales funnel and to the purchasing page and close a sale. 

Want to Transform Your Customer Service with Chatbot Technology? 

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