Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Today’s most sophisticated customer service centers are using conversational intelligence that automatically transcribes voice interactions into actionable outcomes helping contact centers transform their customer experience and increase brand loyalty. Unlike first-generation speech analytics applications that mine calls after they occur, Avaya Conversational Intelligence transcribes voice conversations in real-time to help deliver more personalized engagements. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, you can increase agent performance and reduce after-call agent workloads.

What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence processes voice conversations in real-time and generates immediate transcriptions to support in-call applications. Every word of every customer interaction is captured, analyzed, and reported in real-time. Avaya’s Conversational Intelligence uses AI to learn your business and get smarter over time by applying machine learning algorithms.

Avaya Conversational Intelligence interfaces directly into your existing Avaya telephony infrastructure on-premise or in the Cloud.

How Conversational Intelligence Transforms the Customer Experience

Avaya Conversational Intelligence sends customer sentiment and intent details with contextual content to your agents during live conversations to help them create more meaningful customer engagements. It acts as a real-time guide to assist your agents and help them provide the best customer experience possible and even boost sales by providing agents with sales scripts and upsell offers at the right time.

Improve Agent Productivity

Contact center agents perform best when they’re free to completely focus on customer interactions. Avaya Conversational Intelligence enables agents to put their full energy into customer interactions by automating post-call disposition reporting and other form-fills like CRM inputs. Agents are free to immediately move to the next caller and not be bogged down with time-consuming manual tasks. Post call agent productivity increases by 30-50% with Avaya Conversational Intelligence.

Better Understand Why Customers Call

The more you understand your customer’s needs, the better you can serve them. Whether with a single call or across thousands of conversations, Avaya Conversational Intelligence’s annotation capabilities automatically consolidate conversations into key points for fast understanding. The collected data allows organizations to quickly address and fix service process bottlenecks.

Enhanced Compliance

Because all voice conversations are recorded, transcribed, annotated, and monitored, Avaya Conversational Intelligence helps organizations comply with internal and external rules and regulations. They can quickly identify non-compliance instances in the moment and send alerts to supervisors so they can immediately improve agent compliance knowledge. 


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