Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems

Today businesses have three basic types of business telephone systems to choose from: KSU, PBX, and VoIP. Business phone systems provide small and large companies with a way to manage inbound, outbound, and internal calls. Business telephone systems are much different than residential systems, as they must be designed to handle and route multiple calls at the same time. In this article, we’ll cover the three types of business telephone systems, and help you determine which one is best for your business. 

Business Phone System Features 

Business phone systems may include the following features:

  • Multiple Lines 
  • Auto Attendant 
  • Visual Voicemail 
  • Conference Calling 
  • Call Forwarding 
  • On-hold Messaging 
  • Handset Support 

As you consider each feature provided by the different phone systems, make sure to consider the manufacturer too. Make sure the company has a good reputation and customer reviews. They should have a great reputation for customer service. Now let’s take a look at the three basic types of business telephone systems and how they differ. 

Key System Units (KSU phone systems) 

The most basic business phone system is the KSU. The system can work for small businesses with no more than 40 employees. It’s an easy to use system, somewhat comparable to a home telephone system. It comes with all of the features a small business needs but lacks portability and flexibility. It uses a central switching device (the key system unit) to manually determine the phone line selection. Ultimately KSU phone systems can work for small businesses that don’t need flexibly and aren’t looking to grow. 

Private Branch Exchange (PBX phone systems) 

The PBX system is a more advanced system compared to the KSU. It uses programmable switching devices and allows for automatic routing of incoming calls. This type of business telephone system is good for businesses with 40 or more employees because of the automation features. Another big advantage is the uninterruptible power supply, allowing a business to remain functional even without electricity. There is also a hosted PBX option for companies looking to avoid the installation and maintenance costs that come with standard PBX systems. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP phone systems) 

The latest telephone innovation and one that’s perhaps the most popular is the VoIP system. This is the most advanced system by far allowing users to seamlessly communicate no matter where they are in the world. VoIP works with the internet and a computer. The cost of the system is determined by the number of employees needing to use the system. One of the biggest benefits of VoIP is the easy scalability. VoIP can be hosted as well for businesses wanting to avoid installation and maintenance costs of an on-premise system. 

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