Why Huddle Rooms Work for Team Collaboration

Why Huddle Rooms Work for Team Collaboration

Collaboration Rooms are trending and for good reason. Companies are doing their best to innovate, and collaboration is one of the best ways to push the envelope. Over the past 10 years, many companies tried designing offices with open floor plans in hopes of creating impromtu team collaboration. The plan backfired and resulted in disruption, less productivity, and employee satisfaction. What companies have discovered is the importance of intention. There’s too much going on in an open office space, not everyone is working on the same project or deadline. Huddles rooms are built with singular intent.

What is a Huddle Room? 

Similar to a football team huddling up on the field to discuss the next play, a huddle room is a type of team collaboration room that’s designed to get a team together in a small space so they can focus. The rooms are designed for only a handful of people and usually include a display monitor or interactive screen, videoconferencing capabilities, and a small table and chairs.

What are the Benefits of Huddle Rooms? 

Companies across the US are recognizing the value huddle rooms are bringing to their teams. 

Private Spaces 

The experiment with the open floor office space failed primarily because of the noise and constant distraction. There is always something to pull your attention away from the task at hand. Huddle rooms solve the distraction problem by providing a quiet space with a minimalist design. The best huddle rooms are equipped with all-in-one video conferencing equipment that has a small footprint. 

Remote Inclusion 

Remote workers like huddle rooms because when they connect to a video conference call in a huddle room they feel like they’re a part of the conversation and can better participate. To ensure remote workers feel included, it’s best to use a large screen TV and video unit with a wide-angle camera. 

Designed for the Future 

Today’s corporate atmosphere is changing and becoming more casual in many ways. Huddle rooms provide a flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment. Aside from using huddle rooms as innovation incubators companies are also leveraging them as interview rooms, webinar rooms, sales presentation spaces, and more. 

Ready to Create Your Huddle Room? 

Once you have a huddle room you’ll want to make sure it has the basic equipment listed above so your teams can have the tools necessary to create. Communications Solutions, Inc. has been the premier provider of telecommunications systems and support in Northeast Florida for the past 20+ years. We specialize in Audio Visual Solutions and can customize a huddle room to fit your office needs. If you want to get more familiar with what CSI can do for you Contact Us Today!

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