Why Every Business Needs Unified Communications

Why Every Business Needs Unified Communications

Like cloud computing and big data before, unified communications is the latest tech buzzword making the rounds in boardrooms. In the digital age where connectivity and speed is a must for organizations to compete, unified communications is a must to keep up with the competition. Unified communications is the integration of real-time communications services across multiple sources like fixed phone lines, mobile devices, and PCs. With remote workforces having a unified communication network is now a must. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of unified communications and why every business needs it. 

More Efficiency and Productivity 

Unifying communications makes it easier for people to do their job by saving time on simple work tasks. For example, the ability to have incoming calls route to where you are, in office, out of office, or on the computer, eliminates the back and forth of missed calls. Instead of faxes and voicemail, employees can get messages emailed to them directly in the form of a transcript or audio file. 

Reduced Costs 

Unified communications make use of Voice over IP technology in order to integrate different communication platforms. Traditional telephony relies on the rental of analog phone lines from a service provider. Now organizations can eliminate the costs of renting lines and substantially reduce the recurring operation costs of their old phone system. In most cases, UC will achieve a 40% reduction in costs. 

Improved Customer Service 

When a customer calls a business, they’re usually looking to speak to a particular person or expert within a particular department. Even if you’re away from your desk, you can have your calls redirected to your mobile, so you’re always available for your customers. If you’re unable to answer, ring groups can be set up to reroute the call to the next most qualified person on your team. 

Reduce Your Admin 

With unified communications, it’s possible to have one communications provider for all of your business needs. This means less account managers, technical support numbers, contracts, and bills to worry about. All administration is streamlined, as well as a common point of contact for all your communications. 

Empower Your Mobile and Remote Workforce 

Remote and mobile work has become the new normal in 2020, and the trend is projected to continue now that employees and businesses have experienced the benefits. VoIP phones from CSI are plug and play. All your employees need is a broadband connection at home. Your workforce can get combined voice and video anywhere, on any device. 

Ready For Your Custom Unified Communications Solution? 

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