Benefits of Upgrading Your In-House Phone System

Woman on phone in office. Benefits of Upgrading Your In-House Phone System

Upgrading your in-house phone system can enhance your business or enterprise in ways you may not be aware of. CSI works with small businesses to large enterprises and finds the best solution for a modern and future proof in-house phone system to improve communications for staff and customers. We are a distributor and installer of the award-winning Avaya IP Office 500 in-house phone system. Avaya IP Office is a single, compact solution with leading-edge communications capabilities to help your employees work smarter and better serve your customers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Avaya IP Office and how it can transform your in-house house telephony system.

A Flexible Deployment

Avaya’s IP Office can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. If you choose one environment then later decide you’d prefer to migrate, Avaya makes migrations seamless and fast.

Improved Communication Collaboration

Avaya provides an all-in-one communication solution. Get voice, video, messaging, conferencing, and calendar all in a single app. This keeps employees productive on any device working in-office or remotely.

Cost Saving Applications

With built-in audio and video conferencing, bring your own device compatibility, voice, and instant messaging, you can streamline support and reduce monthly costs.

Mobile Solution

Whether your employees are in the office, on the road, or working remotely from home, IP Office’s tools and apps keep them engaged, productive, and easily accessible.

Out-of-the-box Application Integration

Avaya Office can seamlessly embed communication functionality in the applications you already have and use. Whether you’re using Salesforce, Google, Microsoft Office 365, and more, Avaya Office can add massive value out of the box.

Better Customer Contact

IP Office comes with integrated voice, webchat, email, FAX, and reporting capabilities to allow even the smallest contact center to enhance their customer interactions.

Strong Security

IP Office is engineered to reduce security threats, toll fraud, and downtime through a hardened architecture.

Small to Large Scalability

Avaya IP Office grows with you as your business expands. Support up to 3,000 users at up to 150 network sites. Regardless of the IP Office Edition you choose, you’ll be backed by Avaya and its 100+ year technology heritage.

Turnkey In-House Phone Systems Solutions

  • IP Office Basic Edition – Ideal for small, growing businesses. Provides basic voice telephony and messaging, including voice mail, message to email conversion, call forwarding, audio conferencing, automated attendant, and can support up to 100 users. 
  • IP Office Essential Edition – Builds on the Basic Edition by adding IP telephony and mobility features, including one-number access and dial by name/extension. Scales to 350 users.
  • IP Office Preferred Edition – All of the features of Essential Edition with integrated unified communications, including IM and presence, web collaboration, mobile access, video, and call recording. Integration with business applications, along with a multi-channel contact center, is also provided. 

Ready to Transform Your In-House Phone System?

Communications Solutions, Inc. has been the premier provider of telephony systems and support in Northeast Florida for the past 20+ years. We specialize in Avaya IP Office and can customize it to fit your business needs.

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