Avaya IP Office Options

With IP Office you can choose what you need with the following IP Office Editions to meet every need.  Each IP Office Edition adds to the features of the previous Edition.  Simply build on to what you have to cost-effectively enhance your communications capabilities as you need them.

Different employees have different communications needs, and there’s an IP Office User solution to put the right capabilities into the right hands for anytime, anywhere

IP Office Editions

IP Office Editions

IP Office Basic Edition: Basic key features for a single site including basic voicemail and conferencing.

Right click to download a brochure: Avaya IP Office Basic Edition

IP Office Essential Edition: PBX functionality, enhanced voicemail, enhanced conferencing, and Avaya one-X mobile essential for all users.

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IP Office Preferred Edition: robust voicemail, Secure “Meet Me” audio conferencing (with user password), Call Recording, multi site networking, and Avaya one-X mobile preferred.

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IP Office Server Edition: Supports up to 1,000 users, centralized system management, built-in resiliency.

IP Office Advanced Edition: Call center analytics and reporting, password protected call recording, interactive voice response, PC wallboards.

Right click to download a brochure: IP Office Advanced Edition Fact Sheet

IP Office User Solutions

Office Worker – Used for staff who primarily work in an office, gives call, conferencing & voicemail control from their PC.  Includes a IM Chat and visual call log.

Mobile Worker – Essential for employees who spend their time out of the office and who need to extend and manage their calls from their mobile devices. (Mobile Twinning, Mobile Call Control, Calls from desk phone to mobile or back to desk phone)

Teleworker – Perfect for a employee that works from home.  A hotel with remote access to their access to computer next and a phone with a direct dial phone number.

Power User – For users that work on the road, from home or a hotel and from any location within the company’s network (includes all features of the mobile worker license and the tele-worker license)

Receptionist – PC based receptionist software for the primary call handler anywhere in the office or network.  Up to four user at one time per processor.  Can monitor up to eight queues groups.

Customer Service Agent – Single Site Incoming Call Center Agent who will answer calls that will be monitored and measured by management.

Customer Service Supervisor – Single Site Incoming Call Center Supervisor who needs to view real time and historical statistics

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