Which Avaya IP Office Edition Makes Sense for Your Business?

Which Avaya IP Office Edition Makes Sense for Your Business?

Which Avaya IP Office Edition Makes Sense for Your Business?

The beauty of Avaya’s IP Office is its flexibility. IP Office lets you choose the best options that make sense for your organization and staff needs. Each IP Office Edition adds to the features of the previous, making upgrades easy when you’re ready. You can simply build on to what you already have, and cost-effectively enhancing your communication capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at the different Avaya IP Office Editions so you can determine which one makes the most sense for you.

Avaya IP Office Basic Edition

The Basic Edition is ideal for a single site business that needs voicemail and conferencing. There is no need for external servers on the voicemail embedded unit. The system is “set it and forget it,” requiring no hands-on support. No programming is necessary, making it an out of the box solution. It can support up to 100 phones and 64 trunks.

Avaya IP Office Essential Edition

With PBX functionality, enhanced voicemail enhanced conferencing, and Avaya one-X mobile, this edition offers true flexibility for small businesses. One number access, caller ID, dial-by-name, and automated attendants give you the control you need while providing superior customer experience. The Essential Edition gets customers to the right department saving time and getting them personalized attention while giving you a foot up in customer service.

IP Office Preferred Edition

This edition features robust voicemail, secure “Meet Me” audio conferencing, call recording, multi-site networking, and Avaya one-X preferred for optimal responsiveness and professionalism. Enable your staff to collaborate easily and respond efficiently to customers and colleagues. The Preferred Edition can handle ten times more voice messaging capacity than the Essential Edition for larger businesses. The ability to easily record calls ensures your staff never misses essential information.

IP Office Server Edition

Do you have a large staff? This edition is an excellent solution for midsize businesses that want to simplify administration workloads. Easily and economically scale to 2,000 users across 32 locations as your business grows. A simple web-based interface allows you to manage and administer your IP Office with speed and ease. If you have remote at-home workers, IP Office Server Edition allows them to engage with colleagues at the same level as your office staff. Easily turn their home phone, or any phone, into their office phone with a web browser click.

IP Office Advanced Edition

The advanced edition features call center analytics and reporting, password-protected call recording, interactive voice response, PC wallboards, and more. Advanced Edition gives customer service reps and their supervisors the tools to effectively handle high call volumes and gather and report customer data to increase sales and agent productivity.

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