Why Quality Voice and Data Cabling Matter for Your Business

conference room. Why Quality Voice and Data Cabling Matter for Your Business

Network cable may be the least expensive component of your network, but it’s arguably the most important. Without quality voice and data cable connections between equipment, your network cannot perform at maximum capacity. Voice and data cabling is strategically important for businesses of all size. In many cases, connectivity issues stem from cable and infrastructure, not the network. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of proper voice and data cabling for businesses and organizations. 

It all Starts with the Right Plan 

Cable technology is continually evolving from Cat5e to Cat6A, fiber, and so forth. The innovation allows businesses to future proof with the right cabling. The higher-spec the cable has, the longer the cable will last, and the more you can get out of the cable. Today, the Cat6 and Cat6A have become the new standard and can support up to 1000 Mbps of data. But to get the right cable today, you need to ask yourself what your needs will be five years from now. 

Cutting Corners Costs More 

Getting it done right the first time saves money and time. Going with the cheapest cable and then hiring an electrician instead of a professional cable installation company is a recipe for disaster. There are vast requirement differences for running cable for voice on a network and data on a network. Trying to cut corners by using cheap cable and getting an inexperienced contractor to install it will result in performance issues, and more time and money spent trying to remedy the problem. 

Test Your Infrastructure 

It’s a good idea to have your voice and data cabling looked at periodically and tested to the spec of the cabling. If you’re moving to a new location, you definitely want to get your cabling tested by a professional cabling contractor. 

Any installer you work with should be certified and capable of installing an end-to-end solution that can be certified. Make sure to request printouts of test results that show them meeting the spec of the cable. Most installers only connect the cable – proper testing requires a large investment in the proper equipment, so general electricians don’t typically have it. 

Installation Warranty 

Make sure your cable contractor offers an installation warranty. Over the years, we’ve been hired to correct jobs where installers from other companies didn’t test the cables and have seen more than 90 percent of cables fail testing on a single site. Just because you plug something in and it connects, doesn’t mean it’s a good cable. Tests should be run every 8 to 10 years, but if there’s any network issues or renovations, test again. 

Voice and Data Cabling Contractor 

Communications Solutions, Inc. specializes in analyzing and providing customized voice and data cable installation, or fiber optic cable solutions that satisfy each client’s requirements. We offer a complete solution to all aspects of a total and successful cable installation.  As a licensed and insured cabling contractor, we bring over 30 years of experience, and we have become very versatile and flexible when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs and demands.

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