5 Reasons Small Businesses Use Hosted VoIP

5 Reasons Small Businesses Use Hosted VoIP

Small businesses make up 99% of employers in the United States. There’s little doubt that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. More and more small businesses have been migrating to hosted VoIP platforms like Star2Star. This article is going to detail the top 5 reasons small businesses love using hosted VoIP. 

Enterprise-Level Functionality 

All businesses, small or large, are in constant competition. They’re always competing for the attention of their current and potential customers and clients. They must keep customer loyalty while at the same time, attract new prospects. As a result, any competitive edge over the competition is quickly adapted. In the past small businesses couldn’t afford the competitive advantages larger companies employed. Technology is changing that, and hosted VoIP is a prime example. Hosted VoIP platforms offer the same features and benefits of traditional enterprise-level phone systems in an affordable package. 

More Affordable 

The affordability of hosted VoIP technology and the value small businesses owners place on new technology is one of the reasons its been so widely adopted in recent years. Often, business owners with hosted VoIP see their monthly costs for phone service and system maintenance decrease after adopting a hosted VoIP platform. One of the immediate values is that the only upfront cost is the purchase of the VoIP phones. The system is maintained and managed by the hosted VoIP provider! 


Small businesses must be nimble to compete. They need a phone system that can grow with them and match their agility. Hosted VoIP allows businesses to add phones when and where they need them. Businesses no longer need to overbuild a phone system to accommodate projected growth. Because they are connected to a cloud-based system and not a physical system, they are able to deploy phones wherever they need them. 

Future Proof 

Considering the rapid pace of technological advancements, small businesses face the possibility that their technological investments will be short-lived. With hosted VoIP, the responsibility to adopt new technology and upgrade with the times falls onto the VoIP provider. They are in charge of keeping the phone system and features on the cutting edge and certifying the latest VoIP phones on their platform. 

Competitive Edge 

Small businesses that choose a hosted VoIP platform propel instantly get enterprise-level features, cost savings, flexibility, and avoid being left being in the dust of new technology. The ability to program features to improve communications internally and externally gives them a big competitive edge over businesses that are still using legacy systems. 

Ready to Switch Your Small Business to a Hosted VoIP Solution? 

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