Top Telecommunication Accessories for Businesses in 2020

Telecommunication Accessories

Have a technologically modern telecommunications system in place is a must for any business today. Customers expect a seamless and efficient experience when they interact with companies in the digital age. Getting the right system in place is the first step, but optimizing it with the right telecommunication accessories ensures you can deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience every time. This article will look at some of the top telephone accessories for businesses in 2020. These tools will take your inbound, outbound, and internal communication to the next level.

Telephone Headsets 

Telephone headsets are critical for any telephone system. Typing with one hand doesn’t work that well. CSI is an authorized partner with Plantronics to bring customers the best headsets and widest selection of options to choose from. 

Long Range Durable Cordless Telephones 

Long-range phones give businesses the freedom and flexibility that corded phones can’t. The DuraFon 1X long-range phone has a range that spans up to 12 floors in an office building. The range is up to 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse. If you’re outdoors on a farm or ranch, you get up to 3,000 acres of range. The durability allows 6 ft. drops onto concrete floors. 

Call Accounting Systems 

A call accounting system records, translates, and reports your telephone call activity. This is a powerful telecommunication accessory used by corporations to control expenses, allocate cost and increase productivity. CSI partners with Xima, who designed and developed Chronicall, to address the growing need for inexpensive, accurate, and easy to sue call reporting for Avaya’s IP Office platform. 

Fax Servers 

Fax servers replace traditional fax machines and eliminate the need for paper, toner, and machine maintenance. At the same time, they improve productivity and the efficiency of business. CSI works with MultiTech Systems who makes the FaxFinder, all-in-one fax server. The FaxFinder distributes faxing capabilities over a WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as salespeople. Inbound faxes can be converted to PDF or TIFF files and delivered to your email inbox or a network folder. Outbound faxes are sent directly from your PC. 

Conference Phones 

Avaya and Polycom make the world’s most popular conference phones. There are conference phones and telecommunication accessories made to fit every need, from desktops and small offices to large conference rooms. 

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) 

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (also known as Batter Back-up Systems) are a must for all your telecommunication and computer inventory. CSI works with several manufacturers and can provide any business with a solution that fits their unique needs. 

Surge Protection 

Florida is the lightning capital of the United States. It averages over 70 lightning storms each year. Lightning is responsible for millions of dollars in telecommunications equipment damage in the state of Florida each year. Surge protection of your telecommunications is a small investment that pays off big. 

Message on Hold Systems 

Seven out of ten customers are put on hold. 85% of customers remain on the line if there is a message on hold. 88% hang up, and 34% do not call back when there is no message on hold. Message on hold informs customers about services and available products. It answers common customer questions. It promotes your business in a positive manner. 

Ready to Take Your Telecommunications to the Next Level? 

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