Telephone Accessories

Telephone Accessories

Communications Solutions provides a wide variety of accessories to compliment your Avaya Telephones and help you be more productive in your business.  From Headsets and cordless phones, to fax servers and reporting applications, we’ve got you covered.

Telephone Headsets

Telephone Headsets are a critical piece of any telephone system. CSI is an authorized partner with Plantronics to bring you the best headsets available with many options to choose from.

Plantronics CS500 Brochure

Long Range Durable Cordless Telephones

Cordless Telephones are a must have for those workers that are constantly on the move within your business.

DuranFon 1X Data Sheet

Call Accounting Systems

Call Accounting Systems record, translate and report on telephone call activity. This powerful tool is used by most corporations to control expenses, allocate cost and increase productivity.  Communications Solutions partners with Xima, who designed and developed Chronicall, to address the growing need for inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use call reporting on Avaya’s IP Office platform.

Chronicall Brochure

Fax Servers

Fax Servers replace traditional fax machines and eliminate the need for paper, toner, and machine maintenance while improving productivity and speed of business.  Communications Solutions works with MultiTech Systems who makes the FaxFinder, all-in-one fax server.  The FaxFinder distributes faxing capabilities over a WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as sales people.  Inbound faxes are converted to PDF or TIFF files and delivered to your email in-box or a network folder.  Outbound faxes are send right from your PC.

MultiTech Fax Finder Brochure

Overhead Paging Systems

Overhead Paging Systems can be used to effectively communicate information throughout your organization.

Conference Phones

Avaya and Polycom make the world’s most popular conference phones, with over 2 million in use today. There are conference phones available to fit every need, from desktops and small offices to large conference rooms. Explore our lineup of conference room, desktop and wireless solutions.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (also known as Battery Back-up Systems) are a must for all your telecommunications and computer inventory. Communications Solutions, Inc. works with several manufacturers and can provide you with a solution that best suits your needs.

Surge Protection

Florida is the lightning capital of the United States with an average of over 70 lightning storms each year. Lightning is responsible for millions of dollars in telecommunications equipment damage in the state of Florida alone. Surge protection of your telecommunications is a small investment and should be checked annually.

Message On Hold Systems

A study by AT&T showed that:

  • 7 out of 10 business customers are put on hold.
  • 85% of these customers will remain on the line if there is a message on hold.
  • Without a message, 88% will hang up and 34% of those who hang up will not call back.
  • 90% of all business callers prefer message on hold systems to other alternatives.

Message on Hold can provide many additional benefits to your business:

  • Inform customers of services and/or products available
  • Answer common customer questions
  • Give the customer something worthwhile to listen to instead of silence
  • Promote your business in a positive manner
  • Prevent customers from hearing competitors ads if you just use a radio station

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