Which Telephone is Right for Your Business?

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As the premier provider of telephony systems and support in Northeast Florida for over 20 years, customers often ask us which telephone is the right choice for their unique business. The answer is always – it depends.  Because we specialize in a variety of VOIP and Avaya In-house telephones, we will learn about their business needs then recommend solutions to meet your specific business needs. Let’s take a look at the different types of telephone solutions available and see if any of these sound like what you’re looking for.

Executive and Manager Telephones

Executive and managers need seamless operation when it comes to their office telephone.  Using faulty or inferior telephones can hurt their credibility if something goes wrong on an important call. Our telephone solutions for executives and managers come in a full range of sleek and attractive high functions models. These phones come with easy-to-read displays, programmable call appearances, lots of feature keys, speed dials, call logs, and much more. Executive phones are available in both digital and IP models.

An elegant design with large easy-to-read display and extensive programmability features. High quality integrated speakerphones. Integrated Gigabit Adapters for IP phones to connect to your network. Adjustable viewing angle, and up to three 32-button expansion modules, and support for wireless headsets.

Telephones for Staff 

Telephones designed for staff use help employees work more efficiently and increase productivity. One-touch features access allows users to seamlessly handle calls and can be customized to meet individual needs. Both digital and IP-based phones are available.

Cost-effective digital phone with paperless labels and four-line display with dual red/green LED buttons and programmable buttons. Many include IP capabilities with exceptional voice quality, color displays, and a full complement of other features.

Telephones for Administrative Assistant and Receptionists

Anyone who is handling incoming calls needs speed, accuracy, and simplicity at their fingertips. Easily route and monitor calls throughout the business, one-touch transfers, conferencing, and more. Expansion modules allow you to expand and increase call capacity as your business grows.

Easy to read displays, exceptional audio quality, paperless labels, and programmable buttons. Available in both digital and IP formats. Offering large displays with adjustable viewing angle, and up to three 32-button expansion modules, and support for wireless headsets.

Need Help Choosing the Right Telephone for Your Business?

Communications Solutions, Inc. has been the premier provider of telephony systems and support in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida area for the past 20+ years. We specialize in many VOIP and Avaya IP Office solutions that we can customize it to fit your business needs. If you want to get more familiar with what our Telephone solutions can do for you, Contact Us Today!  (904) 777-6656 or complete the form on the right and we will contact you.



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