Data Center Design & Installation – What to Keep in Mind

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To gain a competitive edge, organizations and businesses are using data centers to stay ahead and meet the demands of the digital age. As the digital era progresses, the need for data centers increases. But today’s data centers are much different from data centers of old. Today’s data centers are built with flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in mind. Data center design and infrastructure are critical for cooling, computing, and a lot more. Let’s take a look at some critical tips for today’s data center design and installation.

Performance Matters

The performance of a data center will be determined by design and technology. Structured cabling, racks and cabinets, and cable management are critical. To ensure optimal performance, you should take the following into account:

  • The right cabling solution that provides support for both copper and fiber-based media.
  • For channel performance and efficiency use a cabling solution that comes with a co-engineered cable and connectivity.
  • Flexible and scalable cabinets and racks with adjustable rails help with airflow and cable management.

Modular Design

Your data center should be able to quickly adapt to new equipment and technology. Your infrastructure design should optimize time. A modular design solution comes with the benefits of standardization and customization. It also offers scalability and flexibility. With a modular design, all the devices and data center elements work in collaboration, which optimizes set up and organization. It also helps to avoid downtime during upgrades.

Space Optimization

Data center infrastructure needs to be designed to support flexibility and scalability while optimizing space. Space is a premium variable for any data center. The best way to ensure the best layout is to use racks and cabinets as the core building blocks. When choosing cable management, choose one that provides support for the current cable density, and offers enough space for growth. To preserve space for devices and equipment, consider patching outside the cabinet and racks.

Choose Experience

Most companies outsource their data center design and installation to specialized companies. Choosing the right company with the experience and up to date knowledge on current and forecasted technology is essential. The company should demonstrate competence in project coordination throughout the entire design and planning phases. Their data center solution should be easy to implement, quick to adapt, and deploy and stress-free to manage.

Need Help with Data Center Design and Installation?

The number of components and options available can be overwhelming. Every organization and company that can benefit from a data center will have a different design. The key is getting a design that meets your needs and an installation that is done efficiently and with attention to detail. Communications Solutions, Inc. has extensive experience with data center design and installations in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida area. Call today, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about getting started with your data center design.




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