Importance of DAS in Business

Importance of DAS in Business

Do you know the importance of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) in business?

We have all been there, whether in your own office or someone else’s, your cellular signal drops and you can no longer get access to your cellular services. No calls going out or coming in and no internet data available either.

Often times you may have experienced this cellular signal loss in a newly opened shopping mall or office building. This is because sometimes these spaces lack proper coverage from cellular towers and consequently result in you not being able to communicate using your mobile devices.

This is where Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) from Communications Solutions Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida, come into play.

What Is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)?

A Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, is a network of multiple antennas that help businesses achieve properly functioning and high-quality coverage of cellular signals to improve user connectivity. These antennas are strategically placed to provide seamless cellular coverage.

DAS is extremely useful in spaces where there is low frequency of cellular signals. The DAS can effectively increase signal strength, especially in places where there are “dead spots”, or “dead zones” of cellular signals.

How DAS Works for Business

Let’s say you have opened your office in a new building at the perfect location for your business. The only problem is that half of your office is a dead zone, facing problems with cellular signal coverage. No matter what type of business you run, having cellular signal coverage is important.

You would not want to give up on the perfect location, rather you would seek to use a DAS to solve your cellular coverage problems. 

DAS completely eliminates any dead zones and connectivity issues by providing enough signal coverage to compensate for the missing cellular signals. The network of antennas that provide these cellular signals for complete coverage can be placed indoors, outdoors or in a combination of the two.

Outdoor antennas would typically be placed on the windows of your office or on the roof of the building to bring the outside cellular signals indoors. Indoor antennas would typically be placed on the ceiling or the walls of your office to further spread the cellular signals in the dead zone.

This network of antennas is basically enhancing the cellular signal strength in your office so that it may reach cellular devices, like phones or tablets, within the dead zone of your office.

Regardless of your business, industry or the carrier you use for cellular services, a DAS can effectively amplify the cellular signals of your carrier and distribute them where you want.

What Creates Dead Zones in the First Place?

A dead zone, or a dead spot, is a space where the cellular signals from your carrier’s cellular towers do not reach cellular devices, which causes weak or no signals. There are a wide number of reasons this happens including:

  • Range

It stands to reason that the farther away from a cellular tower you are, the fewer signals will reach you from that tower. This is because, similar to your Wi-Fi, the tower only has a certain range, and if you are outside this range, you may not receive proper signals.

DAS overcomes these problems by providing you with amplified cellular signals in places that may be out of the range of the closest cellular tower.

  • Obstructions& Interferences

Everything casts a shadow in light and the same can be said for cellular signals. While cellular signals can permeate through most walls and obstructions, sometimes obstructions are too difficult for weaker signals to pass through.

These obstructions can include walls, trees, entire buildings, billboards and many other structures and material that may obstruct or interfere with cellular signals. DAS acts as an intermediary that helps overcome these obstructions and interferences to provide seamless coverage.

  • Usage Capacity

More often than not, weak or no cellular signals are the result of too many users in a certain space. Similar to your internet connection, which has a limited bandwidth, a cellular tower can only host a certain number of users at any given time.

If there are too many users at the same time in the same space, cellular signals are weakened for every user and sometimes drop entirely on their devices. DAS is a good solution in such cases as well because it amplifies cellular signals to overcome this problem.

The Importance of DAS in Business

The importance of DAS in business is hard to define because you cannot calculate the importance of wireless communications in our modern world. What business today can run without proper cellular communications?

To give you a good estimate, here are some of the most important benefits of DAS to businesses.

  • Enhanced Signal Coverage & Seamless Experiences

This is undeniably the most significant benefit and one that will probably be taken for granted by most users. Every client, employee or visitor who walks into your building will experience seamless and strong cellular signal coverage on their mobile devices if you have installed DAS.

Moreover, others around your building will also benefit from your DAS because unlike your internal network or Wi-Fi systems, DAS does not discriminate between users. It will provide a great cellular experience to everyone in or around your office building.

It is especially beneficial for safety and emergency responders in dead zones. This is because large corporations, building owners or property managers of large buildings that use a DAS provided by Communications Solutions Inc. can significantly enhance coverage around their buildings.

  • Excellent Communications

Apart from benefitting the employees and clients that walk in or out of your office, DAS will improve your business communications unlike ever before. Your conference calls, international calls, group meetings and overall business communications will improve drastically.

  • A Cost-Effective Solution

Unlike high power antennas that use a lot more energy, the antennas in a DAS are low power antennas that use far less energy to provide seamless cellular signal coverage. This saves you a lot of money in the long-run on electricity bills, making DAS a cost-effective solution.

Although, it is important to note that the DAS provided by Communications Solutions Inc., uses large antennas with relatively low energy consumption to cover bigger buildings and areas. They are an ideal and a cost effective solution for big corporations or owners and property managers of larger buildings.


Distributed Antenna Systems are the perfect solution for businesses that experience dead zones, weak signals and even those that simply want a better, more seamless cellular experience. Sometimes weak signals can be an irregular problem, usually because of fluctuating usage and DAS can solve for this too.

DAS provides your business with a cost-effective solution for excellent communication and a seamless experience through enhanced cellular signal coverage.

If you want to learn more about the importance of DAS in business, DAS installations or if you are a business owner, property manager or the owner of a large building that requires DAS for proper signal coverage, Contact Us Today!



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